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Pouch Camp Conservation Easement

Greater New York Boy Scouts of America Conservation Easement Lands

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Pouch Camp Conservation Easement locator map
  • Open for recreation: Limited; please see Specific Rules
  • Fee: Free
  • Contact Information:
    • DEC Region 2 Long Island City Office (M-F, 8:45AM - 4:45PM), (718) 482-4900;
    • Enforcement Matters: (518) 408-5850 (24/7) or 911
  • Location: Staten Island, Richmond County
  • Map: The Pouch Camp Conservation Easement Map is not currently available || Google Earth || State Lands Interactive Mapper

The 95-acre Pouch Camp Conservation Easement features hiking trails and several ponds which provide opportunities to enjoy the picturesque scenery. Pouch Camp provides quick access to other nearby sites such as Todt Hill Woodlands, St. Francis Woodlands and the old parkways.

There are restrictions for public access and recreation on easement lands which are described in the Specific Rules section below. Please respect posted signs and be aware that the conservation easement lands are privately owned by the Boy Scouts of America (leaves DEC website).

Featured Activities



General information on hiking includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules & regulations.

Pouch Camp Conservation Easement features trails that traverse the property through the woods, passing several ponds as well as ruins of former buildings originally built on the property.


primitive camping

General information on primitive camping includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules & regulations.

Camping is only allowed with a permit from the Boy Scouts (leaves DEC website).



General information on fishing includes how-to and safety tips and links to seasons, rules & regulations.

Fishing on Ohrback Lake is allowed with a NYS fishing license and a permit from the Boy Scouts (leaves DEC website).


General information on animals includes links to information about birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects that inhabit or migrate through the state.

Pouch Camp Conservation Easement is home to an abundance of wildlife including deer, geese and hawks as well as various waterfowl and aquatic life found near the ponds of the property. The property is the ideal place to escape from the busy city life found on Staten Island.


The Pouch Camp parking lot is located off Exit 12 of the Staten Island Expressway (I-278) at 1465 Manor Rd., Staten Island, NY (40.590776°N, 74.126258°W) Google Maps (leaves DEC website).

Rules, Regulations and Outdoor Safety

Practice Leave No Trace Principles (leaves DEC website) when recreating on state land to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, minimize impact on the natural resources and avoid conflicts with other users.

All users of Pouch Camp Conservation Easement must follow all State Land Use Regulations and should follow all Outdoor Safety Practices for the safety of the user and protection of the resource.

Specific Rules

  • This easement is open to the public year-round except for these dates:
    • January - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Saturday through Monday.
    • February - Weekend days prior to and following the Saturday before President's Day through Sunday of the following weekend.
    • March/April - The Saturday before Easter through the Sunday of the following weekend.
    • May - Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday through Monday.
    • June - The day after the last day of school through June 30.
    • July - Entire month.
    • August - Entire month.
    • September - Labor Day weekend, Saturday through Monday.
    • October - Columbus Day weekend, Saturday through Monday.
    • November - Veterans Day and the prior weekend days; Thanksgiving recess, Thursday through Sunday.
    • December - December 25 through January 1, and weekend days prior to and following both holidays.
  • Please carry out any litter.
  • No new trail building or cutting of any trees or shrubs is allowed.
  • Fishing on Ohrbach Lake is allowed with a NYS Fishing License and a Boy Scout Permit.
  • Camping is only allowed with a permit from the Boy Scouts.
  • Keep all pets under control and dogs on a leash.
  • No unauthorized vehicles of any type are allowed on the Conservation Easement or State lands. This includes, cars, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles.
  • Please respect posted signs.

***Stay Safe- Bring a Friend When Visiting the Property ***

How We Manage Pouch Camp Conservation Easement

DEC is developing a recreation management plan (RMP) which will describe the management activities for public recreation on these lands.

If you have questions about this RMP, please email us at

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Numerous guide books and maps are available with information on the lands, waters, trails and other recreational facilities in this area. These can be purchased at most outdoor equipment retailers, bookstores, and on-line booksellers.

Additional information, outdoor equipment, trip suggestions and guided or self-guided tours may be obtained from outdoor guide and outfitting businesses. Check area chambers of commerce, telephone directories or search the internet for listings.

Consider hiring an outdoor guide if you have little experience or woodland skills. See the NYS Outdoor Guides Association (leaves DEC website) for information on outdoor guides.