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Agricultural Water Withdrawal Registration

Agricultural facilities using over 100,000 gallons per day must register annually

Annual registration is required for any person who (i) engaged in the operation of a water withdrawal system for agricultural purposes on or before February 15, 2012, where the cumulative withdrawal for a single parcel or proximate parcels is equal to or in excess of an average of 100,000 gallons per day ("threshold volume") in any thirty day consecutive period (3 million gallons during a 30 day period); and (ii) on or before February 15, 2012, registered or reported annual water usage pursuant to the requirements of title 16 or title 33 of ECL article 15.

Registration does not include a fee.

Registration is required by March 31 of each year.

Photo of a farm with pasture and farm building

In order to be deemed complete, the registration shall include:

  • The information requested on forms made available by the Department (see third bullet item);
  • General map. The regulations state that maps shall be USGS topographic maps, or the equivalent, and must indicate the location of the withdrawal and the location of any return flow, including any existing or proposed interbasin diversions. The map shall also show in sufficient detail, the location of related dams, reservoirs, ponds, wetlands, weirs or diversion structures.
  • Annual water withdrawal information for the previous calendar year. Use the Registration and Water Withdrawal Reporting Form For Agricultural Facilities (PDF) (1.4 MB kB). This form serves to both register and report water withdrawals. You may wish to download a free updated version of Adobe Reader in order to better use this PDF.

In order to maintain registration, facilities should register annually even in years that actual withdrawal amounts fall below the 100,000 gpd threshold.

Please note, water withdrawal applies to groundwater, surface water, or combination.

General Map Requirement

A map showing the location of all sources of water must be submitted. These precise locations are for NYSDEC use only and will not be released.

Maps should not be resubmitted in ensuing years unless a new water source has been developed. A suggested method for preparing the map is to visit the link to the USGS mapping website shown in the right hand column of this webpage under "Links Leaving DEC's Website".

Alternatively, other online map sites may be used if similar features are available. Paper maps of USGS quality can also be used.

USGS online mapping instructions:

  1. After arriving at the site you will see a map of North America. Type the address of the facility into the "Search" box and click "Go".
  2. Use the zoom feature on the left side of the map to better view the location.
  3. Click "Satellite" or "Hybrid" at the upper middle of the page.
  4. Hold the cursor over the location of your well or surface water source and wait a moment. A new marker will appear on that spot. Repeat for multiple sources.
  5. Go to the print feature of your web browser (usually found under "File) and print the map. Add an identification for the source onto the map.
  6. You can either scan the map and send it by email, or print and mail it to:
Bureau of Water Resource Management
Division of Water
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-3508

Please include your name and contact information.