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Agricultural Water Withdrawal Annual Reporting

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All agricultural facilities withdrawing water equal to or in excess of an average of 100,000 gallons per day in any thirty day consecutive period (3 million gallons during a 30 day period) must file an annual report with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation by March 31st of each year. Facilities should also submit annual reports in years that the threshold volume was not exceeded in order to maintain continuity. Please note that multiple non-contiguous parcels of land under the ownership or control of the same person are considered to be one agricultural facility although there are exceptions.

Water use must be reported by completing the Agricultural Water Withdrawal Reporting Form, (PDF 1.4 MB). Please note that this form does not work with "Chrome" internet browser. Please submit via email; alternatively you may fill out, print, and mail the form. Required information on the form includes:

  • The water source, location of the water source and the source capacity if known;
  • The amount of water withdrawn for the reporting period, including the average and peak withdrawals;
  • A description of the use of the water withdrawn;
  • The estimated amounts of water returned, if any, the locations of such returns, and the method of such returns;
  • The actual or estimated average monthly and annual volumes and rates of water lost or consumptively used from the withdrawal; and
  • The water conservation and efficiency measures undertaken during the reporting period.

Please note that water withdrawal applies to both groundwater or surface water.

Definitions of terms are located on the last page of the Reporting Form, linked above.