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Stammer Creek State Forest

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Stammer Creek State Forest Locator Map

Stammer Creek State Forest covers 460 acres located in the town of Edwards in southwestern St. Lawrence County.


The Sugar Bush Haul Road (orange markers) is maintained as a snowmobile trail by the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association. The property does provide large undeveloped areas well suited for hunting, hiking, and nature viewing.

Camping - There are no designated camp sites on this property. Backcountry camping is allowed. Camping for more than three nights or in a group of ten or more requires a permit from a Forest Ranger. Camping is prohibited at any location within 150 feet from water, roads or trails.

Hunting and trapping are permitted on the property in accordance with all game regulations, unless otherwise posted.

Field Notes

The topography is variable with upland areas supporting a mixture of northern hardwood, hemlock, and white pine forests. Pine and spruce plantations were established on what were formerly farm fields and pastures. Flatter ground supports open wetlands and shrub swamps, which gradually transition to swamp hardwoods and white cedar in seasonal flooded areas.

picture of shaded creek

Driving Directions

This forest can be accessed from State Highway 58 and Stammerville Road in the town of Edwards. There is a parking area located on State Highway 58 near the state forest area sign.

Important Phone Numbers

Potsdam DEC Office (M-F 8 am-4:30 pm)

DEC Forest Ranger Dispatch: (518) 408-5850

Emergencies: 911

Tips for Using State Forests

Anyone enjoying this property must observe rules which protect both the visitors and the forest environment.


This forest consists of 1 parcel which was purchased in 1963 for the purposes of reforestation, wildlife management, timber production, recreation, and watershed protection.

Much of the area is former agricultural land which has reverted to forest. Open fields were planted with a variety of species including Scotch, red, and white pines, as well as Japanese larch, white spruce, Norway spruce, and balsam fir. A total of over 157,000 trees were planted on 190 acres of this state forest between 1965 and 1998.

The Stammerville area was once a hub of logging activity. The story of Freeman Stammer was recounted in the article "Logging at Stammerville" by Mrs. Ray Dunlop published in The St. Lawrence County Historical Association Quarterly newsletter (Vol. 11 No. 4, October 1966). Mr. Stammer worked on log drives along Stammer Creek in the 1870s. A series of splash dams were constructed along the creek to float out millions of boardfeet of spruce, hemlock, pine, ash, and basswood logs, as well as many thousand cords of pulpwood. The wood was floated to the Oswegatchie River south of Edwards, and eventually to a sawmill at Natural Dam. It is amazing to look at the peaceful scene today and imagine the intense activity which took place here over 125 years ago.