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Cobb Creek State Forest

State Reforestation Area Lewis #19

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Cobb Creek State Forest locator map

This 2185 acre state forest is named for a major stream, Cobb Creek, which, over the millennia, has cut a deep gulf through the native limestone underlying the property. This area, consisting of undulating ridges and deep creek beds, is quite typical of the Tug Hill Plateau. In addition to Cobb Creek, two other streams, Mud Creek and Silver Brook help to drain the seasonal rains and deep winter snow which melts and runs off from this forest.

Wildlife found here include white-tailed deer, coyotes, and other small game animals, including snowshoe hare. Substantial acreage of alder wetlands and sapling spruce stands provide excellent cover for rabbits, making this area a favorite spot for hare hunters.

Valuable timber stands of natural hardwoods and pine plantations are managed by DEC's forestry staff through carefully controlled timber sales. In 1994-95 approximately 250 acres of mostly open land surrounded by this state forest was purchased by DEC and subsequently planted to white spruce and wildlife trees, including many varieties of apples. In spite of harsh winters and tree browsing deer, many of these trees have survived, and are today beginning to provide cover and food for local wildlife.

Close to the northern boundary of this forest DEC has constructed a small wildlife pond named Battle Pond, after a family that first settled the area. A shale access road leads to this pond northerly off the Thesier Road. The Cliff trail provides hiking access from the Woodbattle road to the edge of Silver Creek Gorge.


Map of Cobb Creek State Forest

From Copenhagen, take Lewis County Route 17 (Woodbattle Road) South, proceed 3 miles.