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Granger State Forest

State Reforestation Area Lewis #40

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This 734 acre state forest was named for the Lewis County Juvenile Grange which in 1957 financed the planting of 75,000 white spruce on abandoned farm land located on the forest. From 1953 to 1958 other open areas here were planted to pine and spruce by state planting crews. Today many of these plantings continue to provide excellent snowshoe hare habitat while growing towards maturity. In addition to hare, other native wildlife include white-tailed deer, beaver, and small fur bearers and songbirds which inhabit the unique mix of natural and planted acres.

Although this is a relatively small state forest, it does contain about 115 acres of ecologically important and sensitive wetland habitat. The north branch of the Gulf Stream flows through the southern section of this forest on its way to the scenic Inman Gulf which begins near the hamlet of Barnes Corners. Besides large and small game hunting, this state forest also provides winter recreational opportunities including cross-country skiing and primary snowmobile access via the Cory Road bypass trail.


Map of Granger State Forest

From Barnes Corners, take County Route #21 (Whitesville Road) across the bridge then turn right onto County Route #194. Proceed 1 mile.