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Henderson Shores Unique Area

State Unique Area Jefferson #11

Henderson Shores Unique Area

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This 1,160 acre reforestation area is classified as a "Unique Area" for good reason. The underlying limestone, sometimes right at the surface, often with a shallow layer of wet soil, provides an unusual habitat for a variety of very specialized plants. Another unique characteristic of the area is the "high banks", a series of limestone cliffs rising perpendicularly from the surface of Lake Ontario. Heavily sculptured by wave action, these banks are truly one of the most magnificent and scenic areas along the entire Lake Ontario shoreline.

Other, more common wildlife found here include white-tailed deer, cotton-tailed rabbits and waterfowl. Tree species found here consist mostly of red cedar, white cedar, white ash, green ash, and ironwood.

Access to Henderson Shores is via the Radar Road on the left. There is a limited amount of parking before you get to the lake. Motor vehicles are only allowed on the Radar Road and designated parking areas. No off-road driving is allowed due to the shallow soils and fragile nature of the habitat here. A trail on the right hand side of Lighthouse Road lead to the former Wehle property which offers additional hunting opportunity and spectacular views of Lake Ontario.

Unique Area Regulations

*Note On February 20, 2013, new regulations, for this area were adopted, please be familiar with the new 190.10 (f) regulations (link leaves DEC website) before you visit.

  • All camping shall be prohibited
  • The area shall be closed to public use between the hours of 10:00 pm and 5:00 am.
  • All campfires are prohibited.
  • No person shall possess glass containers.
Map of Henderson Shores


From Watertown, take Interstate #81 south to exit 41. Make a right onto Route 178 west for 11 miles (you will cross state Route 3), to a left on Lighthouse Road, proceed 2.5 miles. The unique area is on both sides of the road.