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High Towers State Forest

State Reforestation Area Lewis #20

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This 729 acre state forest is named for the tall electric towers that were constructed on the area many years ago. Since that time, newer and higher towers have been constructed adjacent to the originals, but the name has persisted.

The underlying soils here are mostly sandy and deep, making for a well drained site capable of producing quality timber. The majority of trees consist of natural hardwoods such as hard maple, white ash, black cherry, soft maple, and some red oak, with a much lesser amount of pine plantations. Carefully controlled timber sales conducted by DEC's foresters have produced significant quality saw timber over the years, while achieving the goal of improving forest health and vigor.

Recreation pursuits on the area include deer and small game hunting, trout fishing in the unnamed stream south of the Rumble Road, and woodland hiking. Public access is provided via the Beech Flat Road (0.8 mile), the High Towers Road (0.2 mile), and the Austrian Trail (0.3 mile). Hiking and limited motor vehicle access for people with disabilities by permit is provided by the Beech Flat Road Extension.

Map of High Towers State Forest


From Lyons Falls, take Co Rt. 39 (Lyons Falls Road) north. Proceed 1.5 miles.