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Wolf Lake State Forest

State Reforestation Area St. Lawrence #30

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Wolf Lake State Forest locator map

Wolf Lake State Forest is a reforestation area of 4,316 acres. It was purchased by the state in the 1950's and 60's to return idle and abandoned farmlands to productive use as a source of timber and to provide land for public recreation.

The northeast part of this area, accessible by an extension of the Sam Day Road, was farmed by the Reed family. The Reed brothers had a sizable maple sugar operation on this tract in the early 1900's. Local people still refer to this section as the "Reed Ranch".

The southwest part of the Wolf Lake State Forest, accessible by the old Talcville-Emeryville Road is known locally as the "Clark Farm", referring to the family which last farmed it. Old roads which once serviced the two farms provide vehicular access to the Wolf Lake State Forest.

The interior portion of the area between the "Reed Ranch" and "Clark Farm" is accessible only by the network of hiking trails as described below. This remote section was probably logged in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Much of the interior was also altered by fire during the same period. Bare rock and stands of native red and white pine at higher elevations and stands of hardwood trees between the ridges are the result of these disturbances.

Some trails and lean-to's in the interior were constructed by the Youth Conservation Corps, which now maintains the trail system for the DEC.

Talcville to Moon Lake Trail

This 2.7 mile trail (blue markers) leads to Moon Lake, smallest (10 acres) of the three named lakes in the area. You will find beaver activity along this trail and most of the others. Moon Lake trail existed before the state purchased the land and has since been maintained by the DEC. The Department built the lean-to on Moon Lake. There are currently no fish in Moon Lake, though 15 years ago there were largemouth bass that could be caught. It is suspected that acid water, low oxygen and warm water temperature have eliminated the fish populations.

Moon Lake to Wolf Lake Trail

Location map of Wolf Lake State Forest

This 0.6 mile trail (blue markers) leads to a lean-to on the northwest shore of Wolf Lake. The 25-acre lake has some excellent camping sites and good bass fishing.

Moon Lake to Huckleberry Lake Trail

This 1.7 mile trail (yellow markers) leads to the lean-to on the southeast shore of Huckleberry Lake. The lake is heavily used throughout the year, especially during bass fishing season. It is quite large at approximately 55 acres and offering excellent fishing.

Talcville to Huckleberry Lake Trail

This 2.2 mile trail (yellow markers) is a reasonably good carry for canoes or small boats to Huckleberry Lake. The last ¼ mile passes through a stand of native white pine ranging up to 30 inches in diameter. When you reach Huckleberry Lake on this trail, you will be standing on the west boundary of the State Forest. This line runs approximately due north across the lake from this point.

Sam Day Road to Wolf Lake Trail

This 3.9 mile trail (yellow markers) begins at the extension of the Sam Day Road and leads to the Wolf Lake lean-to.

Sam Day Road to Moon Lake Trail (Beaver Ponds Trail)

This 5.0 mile trail (red markers) leads the hiker along old beaver ponds on Huckleberry Lake Outlet. The starting point on the north is reached by turning west off Sam Day Road and walking 0.3 miles to an old farm site. This trail offers some nice vistas across the beaver marshes and many good spots from which to observe wildlife. You will find a lean-to one and three quarters miles to the south of the starting point.