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Rural Grove State Forest

Rural Grove State Forest locator map

Rural Grove State Forests is a working circle of two State Forests, Rural Grove State Forest and Yatesville Falls State Forest. These state lands are located in the towns of Charleston, Glen and Root in Montgomery County. They total over 2,000 acres and were purchased by the state in the 1930s for timber production, recreational use, watershed production and wildlife habitat. These state forests are accessible from NYS Route 162. At Rural Grove, take Logtown Road (County Route 110) to Shibley Road to Rural Grove State Forest, or take Logtown Road to Anderson Road (County Route 106) to Yatesville Falls State Forest. Yatesville (Buttermilk) Falls can be seen near the western end of Forest Access Road, which intersects County Route 106.


Big game hunting for white-tailed deer is popular on Rural Grove State Forests. The area also supports small game, such as turkey, squirrel and grouse. Trapping is allowed for beaver, muskrat, fox and coyote, according to season.

Winter Activities

Shibley Road and Carron Road on Rural Grove State Forest, and Forest Access Road on Yatesville Falls State Forest are unplowed roads used by snowmobiles and cross-country skiers.

Forest Management

State Forests are managed to provide recreational opportunities and timber crops, while protecting wildlife habitat, water quality and aesthetics. The hardwoods in this area were not planted, but generally reseeded naturally. Thinning the forest periodically, through the sale of pulpwood and timber, gives the remaining trees more space to grow. This keeps the forest healthy, while providing openings for seedlings. New trees supply food for wildlife and are a source of future forest crops.

State Forest Regulations

Anyone enjoying the use of this State Forest must observe these rules which protect them and the forest environment:

Be a Volunteer

DEC appreciates public assistance. Volunteer projects on state lands will be considered, if they are in keeping with management policy and legal constraints.