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Fall Kill Partnership Gardens Rain Barrels


During the fall of 2008, an Environmental Studies class from Vassar College installed gutters on a small shed and built two rain barrels with youth from the Poughkeepsie Green Teen Program. The Green Teen garden is now the Fall Kill Partnership Gardens, a community garden that offers small plots to residents of the City of Poughkeepsie. Water from the rain barrels is re-used for watering.

Site Location

  • Site Name: Fall Kill Partnership Gardens
  • Address: 29 N. Hamilton Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • Owner: Family Partnership Center
  • County: Dutchess
  • Watershed: Fall Kill Creek
  • Land use of site: Public
  • Can this site be visited? Yes
  • Location on site: Southeast corner of Family Partnership Property

Practice Details

  • Intent of design: Store rainwater from the roof of the garden's shed for reuse
  • Size of structure/capacity: 2 55-gallon barrels, 110 gallons total
  • Size of drainage area: Roof area of small storage shed
  • Plants or materials used: 2 55-gallon food grade plastic barrels
  • Maintenance: Rain barrels are turned upside down during the winter
  • Maintained by: Fall Kill Partnership Gardens

Design/Installation Information

  • Design: Vassar College Environmental Studies majors (class of 2009)
  • Installation: Vassar College Environmental Studies majors (class of 2009), Green Teen Poughkeepsie
  • Date of installation: Fall 2008
  • Zoning change or special permit required: No
  • Project cost: About $128 ($20 for two barrels, $36 for gutter supplies, $72 for other supplies)
  • Form of payment: Purchase order from Vassar College

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: Fall Kill Partnership Gardens
Phone: (347) 920-6857