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Trees Where We Live Category Semifinalists

American flag backed by sugar maple yard trees

Home by Michael Linse

Category Winner

Large London Planetrees Along a Walkway in Prospect Park

A Pause in the Planetree Grove by Alexis Alvey

Snow-covered trees, shrubs, pond and bridge with New York City buildings in the background

Central Park Snow by Sharron Crocker

Looking down an old rail bed trail in full fall color

Autumn Walk by Joseph Davis

Trees on the edge of a field

Good Morning Mother Nature by Casey Feldman

Closeup of leaves with blue sky

Untitled by Michael Fey

Silhouette of a leafless tree on a snowy hill

Lone Tree on the Golfcourse by Joanne Hihn

Tree covered with ice and snow

After the Storm by Gerald Hook

Closeup of maple seedling with samara still attached

Legacy by Kim Kiefer

Closeup of a green pine cone with sap dripping

Green Pinecone by Amanda Knollman

Sun rising in waterside park

Taughannock Sunrise by Deborah Littlejohn

Streetside tree in late afternoon with moon above

Front Park 2010 by Danielle Maibohn

Large maple tree in fall color

Untitled by Ann Parker

Row of trees at entrance to Central Park, New York City, in spring

Untitled by Sean Pursley

Lone oak leaf on pavement

Falling on Asphalt by Shannon Rody

Sun setting through avenue of leafless trees

Autumn Sunset by Emily Schultz

Empty rope swing hanging among trees

Tranquil Swing by Roxanne Seymore

Wooden covered bridge shaded by trees

Kissing Bridge by Kelley Stack

Snow-covered conifer trees

Untitled by Chris Tennant

Young maple tree in bright red fall color surrounded by practically leafless trees

Maple in October by Susan Tillapaugh

Curved bridge over pond leads to a large willow tree

Bridging Gaps by Jeffrey Wineriter