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Nature Category Semifinalists

Closeup of fiddleheads backed by a misty forest

Fiddleheads in the Forest by Joanne Hihn

Category Winner
Frog and sundew plant on log

Frog Garden by Lena Aitner

Two bald eagles on the branch of a pine tree

Untitled 1 by Kathryn Andrews

Weathered log in water

Untitled 2 by Kathryn Andrews

Cardinal looking at photographer through branches

Cardinal 123010 Backyard by Kathleen Backenson

Two shelf fungus on side of tree in the forest

Shelf Mushrooms by Pat Baldassaro

frog on tree branch

Untitled by Larry Barnett

Two moose in a pond

From Out of the Trees by Anne Brewer

a common merganser flapping her wings on water

Waterwings by Gail Canne

Pileated woodpecker on side of tree trunk

Piliated Woodpecker by Mary Collis

Snow covered mountainous landscape View From Cascade by Stuart Delman
Honeycomb with bees attached to the outside of a tree

Bee Luxury Condo by Vlad Dimens

Closeup of fawn's face

Fawn in Forest Fern by Laurie Dirkx

Creek flowing over moss-covered rocks

After the Rain by Jennifer Floyd

Small owl at night in a tree

Owls by Karen Glavin

Fern understory turning color in fall

Fern Forest by Barbara Gordon

Snowy owl perched on leafless branch backed by blue sky

Snowy Owl by Gerald Hook

Pond surrounded by forest in fall color and dark sky

Lost Pond - Charles Baker State Forest by Wells Horton

Redtailed hawk perching on firewood pile

Hawk Watching by Annalis Kaminski

Fawn standing in forest Fawn by Patricia Kneer
Cobble bottomed creek surrounded by forest

Stoneybrook State Park by Susan Lander

Bright red blueberry bushes

Autumn Blueberries by Ronald Larsen

Pond surrounded by mountains and blue sky

From Marcy Dam by Sean Leibowitz

Closeup of oak leaves in fall color

Autumn Oak Leaves Jennifer Miller

Sun shining through forest and hobblebush leaves Hobble Shadow by Erica Schreiner
Pinecone on forest floor of pine needles and dried leaves

Pinecone by Henry Weiss