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Washington St. Poughkeepsie Porous Asphalt


Pervious asphalt in Poughkeepsie

This parking lot uses porous asphalt pavement with recharge beds for infiltrating stormwater. A 7,000 square foot medical office building is located on the northwest portion of the site, and the parking lots are located south and east of the building.

Site Location

Site Name: 207 Washington Street Medical Office Building
Address: 207 Washington Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Owner: Robert Baxter
County: Dutchess
Watershed: Fall Kill
Land use of site: Office parking lot
Can this site be visited? Yes
Location on site: Parking lot south of medical office building

Practice Details

Intent of design: Run-off reduction; total suspended solids, phosphorus and nitrogen reduction
Size of structure/capacity: 18,300 cubic feet / 0.420 acre-feet
Size of drainage area: 0.94 acres
Plants or materials used: Porous asphalt
Maintenance: Vacuum swept twice a year
Maintained by: Property owner

Design/Installation Information

Design: Berger Engineering and Surveying, PLLC
Installation: Karl Mannain & Sons Excavating
Date of installation: 2008
Zoning change or special permit required: No
Project cost: N/A
Form of payment: N/A

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: Robert Baxter