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Elm Avenue Park Demonstration Rain Garden


Rain garden at Elm Ave Park

This demonstration rain garden is an example of green infrastructure in a public park and recreation center. It is situated on a hillside near the entrance to Elm Avenue Park in the Town of Bethlehem. It treats and infiltrates runoff from the parking lot and sidewalk during rainstorms.

For more information on this project and a video tour, visit the Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation Districts' "Green Infrastructure" webpage on the right hand column of this page and click the "Rain Gardens and Bioretention" link.

Site Location

Site Name: Elm Avenue Park
Address: 261 Elm Avenue, Delmar
Owner: Town of Bethlehem
County: Albany
Watershed: Vlomankill
Land use of site: Recreational park
Can this site be visited? Yes
Location on site: On hillside at front entrance to the Pool Complex

Practice Details

Intent of design: To treat parking lot and sidewalk runoff through infiltration prior to entering storm drain
Size of structure/capacity: N/A
Size of drainage area: N/A
Plants or materials used: Blue Flag Iris, Blazing Star, Summer Sweet, Obedient Plant, Cardinal Flower, Green-eyed Coneflower and others
Maintenance: Weeding and replacement of mulch/vegetation if needed
Maintained by: Town of Bethlehem Parks and Recreation Department

Design/Installation Information

Design: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County
Installation: Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County, Stormwater Coalition of Albany County and Town of Bethlehem Municipal Staff
Date of installation: 2008
Zoning change or special permit required: No
Project cost: $850 for plants
Form of payment: Plant material costs were covered by Conservation Project Assistance funding from Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County provided approximately 3 hours of in kind service for the design of the garden. Excavation and mulch costs were covered by the Town of Bethlehem.

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: Paul Penman, Stormwater Management Officer for Town of Bethlehem
Phone: (518) 439-4955

Contact: Susan Pezzolla, Community Educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County
Phone: (518) 765-3516

Contact: Susan Lewis, Admin. Manager of Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District
Phone: (518) 765-7923