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Ardsley Bus Shelter Stormwater Planter


Ardsley bus shelter planter

The stormwater planter captures roof runoff from an adjacent public bus shelter, which helps improve the quality and reduce the flow of stormwater in the Saw Mill River watershed. Educational signage will be installed in the Spring 2011.

Site Location

  • Site Name: Ardsley Bus Shelter
  • Address: Route 9A/Saw Mill River Road and Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, NY
  • Owner: Village of Ardsley
  • County: Westchester
  • Watershed: Saw Mill River
  • Land use of site: Bus shelter
  • Can this site be visited? Yes
  • Location on site: Adjacent to south side of bus shelter

Practice Details

  • Intent of design: Redirect roof runoff, encourage infiltration, and serve as a model for homeowners with limited space
  • Size of structure/capacity: 10 square ft
  • Size of drainage area: 55 square ft
  • Plants or materials used: Shrubs (dwarf fothergilla); Wildflowers (dense blazing star, pink turtlehead, black-eyed susan); wood for planting box, soil, gravel, and mulch
  • Maintenance: Minimal, replacement of vegetation and mulch as needed
  • Maintained by: Ardsley Garden Club

Design/Installation Information

  • Design: Sven Hoeger, Creative Habitat Corps.
  • Installation: Americorps
  • Date of installation: June 2010
  • Zoning change or special permit required: No
  • Project cost: $150 (plants and materials) + design and installation oversight
  • Form of payment: NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program Grant

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: P. Lynn Oliva, Groundwork Hudson Valley/Saw Mill River Coalition
Phone: (914) 375-2051