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Lamont-Doherty Porous Asphalt Parking Lot


group of adults in a parking lot, watching a speaker/demonstration on a sunny day

The construction of the new Comer Geochemistry Building required the relocation of an existing 85 car parking lot. The original stormwater management plan necessitated the construction of a new detention basin and 500-feet of drainpipe excavated through rock and the existing main campus thoroughfare. A porous-asphalt infiltration design-alternative eliminated the drainpipe and detention basin, resulting in a zero net cost, 25% reduction in runoff, and 100% water quality treatment.

Site Location

  • Site name: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
  • Address: 61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY 10964
  • County: Rockland
  • Watershed: Hudson River
  • Land use of site: University/Research; parking lot
  • Can this site be visited? Limited Access
  • Location on site: 500' NE of Campus Entrance
close up of water being poured from a bucket onto porous asphalt during a demonstration

Practice Details

  • Intent of design: 85 Car Replacement Parking Lot
  • Size of structure/capacity: 32,470 sf parking lot
  • Size of drainage area: 13.65 acres
  • Plants or materials used: Indigenous trees & shrubs for landscaping
  • Maintenance: Salt only for deicing (no sand), routine snow plowing
  • Maintained by: Building & Grounds Department

Design/Installation Information

  • Design: Cahill Associates, Westchester, PA, (610) 696-4150
  • Installation: Torcon, Inc., Red Bank, NJ, (732) 704-9800
  • Date of installation: July 2006
  • Zoning change or special permit required: NYSDEC SPEDES Phase II Permit
  • Project cost: Approximately $500,000
  • Form of payment: Undisclosed

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: Patrick O'Reilly, P.E. Assistant Director for Facilities & Engineering, LDEO
Phone: (845) 365-8843