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Millbrook School Math and Science Center Green Roof


Millbrook School green roof

Millbrook School's Math and Science Center is a LEED Gold certified building, incorporating a green roof, rainwater collection cistern and pervious paving in the parking and sidewalk areas.

Site Location

  • Site Name: Millbrook School Math and Science Center
  • Address: 50 West RoAd, Millbrook, NY 12545
  • Owner: Millbrook School c/o Barry Schnoor
  • County: Dutchess
  • Watershed: Tenmile River
  • Land use of site: Educational building
  • Can this site be visited? No
  • Location on site: Roof of Millbrook School Math and Science Center

Practice Details

Design/Installation Information

  • Design: Voith and MacTavish Architects
  • Installation: Kirchhoff Construction
  • Date of installation: 2008
  • Zoning change or special permit required: Special Use Permit
  • Project cost: N/A
  • Form of payment: N/A

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: Barry Schnoor, Director of Millbrook School Physical Plant
Phone: 845-677-5510