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Mt. Pleasant Highway Garage Rain Garden

Rain garden


Two rain gardens were installed at the Mount Pleasant Highway Garage. One is primarily shade tolerant and the second is for a sunny location. The rain gardens capture runoff from disconnected building downspouts and an entrance sidewalk to the building. Sited on a major thoroughfare on public land, this site serves as a demonstration site for the public and other municipal officials.

Site Location

  • Site Name: Mount Pleasant Highway Garage
  • Address: 596 Columbus Avenue, Thornwood, NY 10595
  • Owner: Town of Mt. Pleasant
  • County: Westchester
  • Watershed: Saw Mill River
  • Land use of site: Highway garage
  • Can this site be visited? Yes
  • Location on site: Front entrance adjoining front face of building and entry walkway

Practice Details

  • Intent of design: Downspout disconnections and infiltration
  • Size of structure/capacity: 2 rain gardens, each 6,000 square ft
  • Size of drainage area: 5,500 square ft
  • Plants or materials used: Wildflowers, grasses, shrubs & herbaceous understory; topsoil, stone, gravel, mulch, honeycomb screens
  • Maintenance: Weeding, plant and mulch replacement as needed
  • Maintained by: Mt. Pleasant DPW and Groundwork Hudson Valley

Design/Installation Information

  • Design: Sven Hoeger, Creative Habitat Corps.
  • Installation: Groundwork Hudson Valley Urban Landscape Corps
  • Date of installation: October 2010
  • Zoning change or special permit required: No
  • Project cost: $1818 (plants & materials) + design, installation & oversight fees
  • Form of payment: US EPA Targeted Watershed and NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program grants

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: Anne Megaro, Director of Land Programs, Groundwork Hudson Valley
Phone: (914) 375-2151