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Village of Greenwood Lake Vegetated Swale


Vegetated swale in the Village of Greenwood Lake

This project was a stormwater retrofit of the Village Hall and Police Department complex in the Village of Greenwood Lake. A vegetated swale was installed between the parking area and the road to collect runoff from the driveway and roof runoff of the Police Department building. Large areas of asphalt were removed and replaced with pervious pavers and landscaping. A rain garden was installed in front of Village Hall, and a large asphalt area between the two buildings was converted into a small village green. A green screen was also installed on the side of Village Hall to provide an attractive, shady entranceway. The entire area was landscaped with native plants, and the site functions very well.

Site Location

Site Name: Village Hall, Greenwood Lake
Address: 18 Church Street, Village of Greenwood Lake, NY
County: Orange
Watershed: Greenwood Lake
Land use of site: Municipal
Can this site be visited? Yes
Location on site: In front and to side of village hall

Practice Details

Intent of design: Stormwater infiltration
Size of structure/capacity: Unknown
Size of drainage area: 6,200 square feet (for entire site, including other practices)
Plants or materials used: Native species, including river burch, black tupelo, swamp white oak, highbush blueberry, sparkleberry, and inkberry (for entire site)
Maintenance: Weekly maintenance
Maintained by: Village staff
More than one practice at this site? Yes, Village of Greenwood Lake Rain Garden, Village of Greenwood Lake Pervious Pavers

Design/Installation Information

Design: Karen Arent, Landscape Architect and Lehman & Getz Engineering, P.C.
Installation: DTM Development, Ltd.
Date of installation: Spring/Summer 2010
Zoning change or special permit required: No
Project cost: $380,000 (for entire site)
Form of payment: ARRA funds 90%, Village of Greenwood Lake 10%

For Additional Site Information:

Contact: Barbara Moore, Mayor, Village of Greenwood Lake
Phone: (845) 477-9215