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Timber Sales on State Forests in Region 6

The following table lists all current sales of standing timber offered on State Forest properties in Region 6. Data for each sale includes the bid opening date, a link to the Notice of Sale, the minimum bid that will be accepted, and the bid results for that sale.

Contract # /
Bid Opening Date
Timber Notice of Sale Minimum
Bid Results
April 3, 2014
sftwd Lewis 3
(PDF, 644 KB)
$16,327 Albany 1) G&C Martin Logging Inc.-$32,101
2) M.J. Lyndaker Logging-$30,980
3) 3B Timber Co., Inc.-$28,200.50
4) Daniel Lyndaker & Sons LLC-$28,124.20
March 27, 2014
sftwd Lewis 3
(PDF, 850 KB)
$47,288 Albany 1) 3B Timber Co., Inc.-125,200
2) M.J. Lyndaker Logging-$118,250
3) Seaway Timber Harvesting-$103,000
4) G&C Martin Logging-92,007
5) Pala Wood Services-$74,290.13
6) Daniel Lyndaker & Sons Logging-$60,160
March 20, 2014
sftwd Lewis 3
(PDF, 1.78 MB)
$96,483.40 Albany 1) 3B Timber Co., Inc.-$181,500
2) G&C Martin Logging-$176,001
3) Seaway Timber Harvesting-$136,900
4) M.J. Lyndaker Logging-$129,420
Jan. 9, 2014
sftwd St. Lawrence 1
Franklin 2
(PDF, 653 KB)
$22,494.50 Albany 1) Pala Wood Services Co.-$25,106
Dec. 12, 2013
sftwd St. Lawrence 11
(PDF, 650 KB)
$13,348 Albany 1) Seaway Timber Harvesting, Inc.-$16,340
Sept. 26, 2013
sftwd Lewis 1
(PDF, 571 KB)
$10,509 Albany 1) M.J. Lyndaker Logging-$27,400
2) Pala Wood Services Co.-$14,505
3) 3B Timber Co.-$14,000
4) Darwin Keefer-$10,510
Sept. 19, 2013
sftwd Lewis 4
(PDF, 538 KB)
$10,945 Albany 1) 3B Timber Co., Inc.-$30,000
2) M J Lyndaker Logging LLC-$25,735.50
3) Paula Wood Services Co.-$15,480
4) Darwin Keefer Logging-$10,950
Sept. 5, 2013
sftwd St. Lawrence 5
(PDF, 553 KB)
$ 8,015 Albany 1) Seaway Timber Harvesting-$8,200
August 29, 2013
sftwd Lewis 32
(PDF, 499 KB)
$21,127.50 Albany 1) Beller Logging-$33,520
2) Pala Woods Services Co.-$32,544
3) PRF Pulp & Logging-$29,000
4) MJ Lyndaker Logging-$24,560
5) Darwin Keefer Logging-$21,127.50
July 31, 2013
sftwd Lewis 10
(PDF, 500 KB)
$3,398 Lowville 1) Darwin Keefer-$3,398.00
July 3, 2013 sftwd Oswego 2
(PDF, 507 KB)
$3,826 Lowville 1) Bruce Meister- $7,300.00
2) Jerry Reed- $6,333.83
3) Gilbert Steria- $5,120.00
4) G & C Martin Logging Inc. -$4,700.00
5) Larry Drelick- $3,850.00

*Office addresses are listed on the right side of this page.

Logger Training Requirements - Any person who will perform any duties related to the felling, handling and removal of trees under timber sale contracts on State Forests will be required to be Trained Logger Certified® (TLC) through the New York Logger Training Program. The New York Logger Training Program maintains this list of certified timber harvesters, see link in right column.

Truck drivers and loader operators are not required to be TLC if their only duties are the loading of forest products onto trucks and/or transportation of forest products from the harvest site.

Contracts will be posted for 30 days beyond bid opening date.

Parties interested in bidding must contact the appropriate DEC office to obtain the required Sale of Forest Products Proposal, Bidders/Proposer's Certification, and bid envelope. Bids submitted on something other than the Forest Products Proposal, without the Bidder's/Proposer's Certification, and/or without a bid deposit, will be rejected. Bids submitted in envelopes other than those provided by the Department may not be delivered to the appropriate location by the U.S. Postal Service.

Local sales have a winning bid amount less than $10,000, and are approved by the Regional Forester. Revenue sales have a winning bid of $10,000 or more, and require Central Office approval.

Bid results will be posted no sooner than 24 hours after the bid opening date.

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