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Beebe Hill & Harvey Mt. State Forests

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Beebe Hill State Forest locator map

Beebe Hill State Forest (in the Columbia County town of Austerlitz) was established in 1963 and is the home of the Beebe Hill fire tower, erected in 1964 and operated through 1987. Recent history has seen the development of over 3,000 acres of state forests in Columbia County. The 60-foot-tall fire tower was originally constructed on Alander Mountain in the Berkshires in 1928. Five years later it was moved to Washburn Mountain in Columbia County, where it stood until it was moved to Beebe Hill in 1964. Harvey Mountain State Forest (also in the town of Austerlitz) was developed in 1999 and adjoins Beebe Hill State Forest. Harvey Mt. is the highest elevation in Columbia County at 2,065 feet. Near the summit of Harvey Mountain, a wild blueberry field exists, which historically provided a source of revenue for area residents.

Forest Management

Beebe Hill & Harvey Mountain State Forests are managed for multiple uses, including timber production, watershed protection, wildlife habitat and recreation. Recreational opportunities include hiking, biking, picnicking, horseback riding (except on foot trails and snowmobile/ski trails when snow covered), camping, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife observation and photography. Proof of current negative Coggins certificate is required for all horses and out-of-state horse owners are required to produce a 30-day health certificate.


Beebe Hill State Forest has some unique features. There is a Fire tower at the summit of Beebe Hill with the observer's cabin intact. There is also a lean-to for public use just off the summit along the main trail. Harvey Mountain State Forest also has a lean-to along the trail, as well as a large, unique blueberry patch at the summit of the mountain.

Roads & Trails

11 miles of Roads

30 miles of multiple use trails


Barrett Pond, located in the Beebe Hill State Forest, is a 6.5 acre warm water pond.

The lake was last sampled in 1983. Fish species include largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, rock bass, yellow perch and golden shiners.

No Bottom Pond also abuts the Beebe Hill State Forest and is about five acres in size.

The Beebe Hill and Harvey Mountain State Forests contain portions of Indian Creek, Green River, Baldwin Brook and several unnamed streams totaling more than 5.5 miles.


Beebe Hill/Harvey Mountain State Forests are approximately seven miles west of the Taconic Parkway on NY State Route 203. Beebe Hill State Forest can be accessed from Stonewall Road, Engle Road, County Route 5, Macedonia Road and Fog Hill Road, off NY State Routes 203 & 22 in the town of Austerlitz. Harvey Mountain State Forest is accessible from NY State Route 22 and East Hill Road in the town of Austerlitz.

Tips for Using State Forests

All visitors to the state forest must observe State Forest Regulations for thier own protection as well as for the protection of the forest environment.

Be a Volunteer

DEC appreciates public assistance. Volunteer projects on state lands will be considered if they are in accordance with management policy and legal constraints.

Important Numbers:

State Forest Office (M-F 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.): 518-357-2450

Forest Ranger: 518-828-0236

Emergencies: 911 or 877-457-5680 (24 hour DEC Dispatch)

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