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Culinary Institute of America Green Roof


Green roof at the Culinary Institute of America

This green roof is an example of green infrastructure in an institutional setting. The Anton Parking Garage and Terrace is a classically landscaped plaza atop an underground parking garage that manages as much as 90% of the water that falls on it. Controlling this runoff is beneficial to the storm/sewer systems, and any remaining runoff is slowed by having to percolate through the garden roof. The green-roof also mitigates the urban heat island effect. The vegetation layer provides a cool surrounding environment while filtering out dust and enriching it with oxygen.

Site Location

  • Site Address: The Culinary Institute of America
    1946 Campus Drive, Hyde Park, NY 12538
  • Town: Hyde Park
  • County: Dutchess
  • Land Use of Site: Educational Institute
  • Can Site be Visited?: Yes
  • Location on Site: Atop a two story parking structure immediately in front of the main entrance to Roth Hall

Practice Information Details

  • Intent of Design: Reduce runoff, onsite stormwater management/retention, aesthetics
  • Plant Material Used: Lawns, some perennial shrubs/low plantings, several quadrants of planting are are reserved for annual/seasonal plantings
  • Annual Operational and Maintenance: Lawn and garden maintenance
  • Required Zoning Change or Special Permit: The only zoning changes required were relative to the garage itself. (Parking stall and lane size)

Design Construction and Maintenance Operation

  • Designed by: Derck and Edson Associates, Landscape Architect/Civil Engineer, Lititz, PA, and Michael Hull,
    Noelker and Hull Associates, Architect, Chamberburg, PA 17201
  • Cost of Design: Undisclosed
  • Installed by: Pavarini Construction Co., Inc., Stamford, CT
  • Maintained by: The Culinary Institute of America

Contact for Additional Site Information

The Culinary Institute of America
Rebecca Oetjen
1946 Campus Drive
Hyde Park, NY 12538
845 451-1297
Facilities Project Manager

Derck and Edson Associates
Jim Wenger, RLA
30 South Broad Street
Lititz, PA 17543
717 626-2054