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Crab Hollow State Forest

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Crab Hollow State Forest locator map

Crab Hollow State Forest (Allegany Reforestation Area #16) is located in the Town of New Hudson in Allegany County. Crab Hollow State Forest covers a total of 1,154 acres.


"Crab" is actually a misspelling of "Crabb", the name of an early resident. In recent years the name of the nearby town road has been corrected to "Crabb Hollow Road".

Lumbering was a major industry in the area during the early 1800's, due to the abundant hardwoods, the availability of water power along Black Creek, and the development of the Genesee Valley Canal for transportation. Later, as more land was cleared for agriculture, many cheese factories dotted the countryside.

Field Notes

Crab Hollow State Forest borders the 4,475-acre Hanging Bog Wildlife Management Area. Hanging Bog proper straddles the State Forest - Wildlife Management Area boundary. (Note: Hanging Bog contains a floating mass of vegetation typical of a bog, but is actually a lake, as it has an outlet into Crawford Creek. Contrast that to the nearby Nature Conservancy-owned Moss Lake, which is actually a kettle hole bog!)

Geese float along the water at Crab Hollow State Forest

The forest cover types on Crab Hollow State Forest are a mixture of native hardwood species and planted conifers.

Timber Management

The hardwood stands are managed through a series of thinnings which remove the lower quality trees and give more growing space to the best quality trees. The hardwood tops are generally left in place to rot and recycle their nutrients back into the soil. The decaying tops also provide bedding and nesting cover for wildlife such as white-tailed deer and wild turkeys.

Periodic thinnings in the red pine plantations have allowed the native hardwoods to seed into the sunlit openings. Many of the pine stands have reached maturity and the remaining overstory is now being removed to allow the hardwoods to grow to maturity. These "early-successional" hardwood stands provide an important habitat component for a variety of songbird species, as well as ruffed grouse and woodcock.



The area is a popular destination for hunting both small game and big game.

Hunting and trapping are permitted on the property in accordance with all game regulations, unless otherwise posted. Traps may not be set on public road right of ways. Body gripping traps set on land must be at least 100 feet from public trails.


There are no formal camp sites on this property. However, individuals may set up camp at any location which is at least 150 feet from water bodies, streams, roads or trails. Camping for more than three nights or in a group of ten or more requires a permit from a Forest Ranger (see telephone numbers below).


Geo-caching is allowed, although caches must be marked with the owner's contact information and may not be placed in dangerous or ecologically sensitive locations.

Tips for Using State Forests

Anyone enjoying this property must observe rules which protect both people and the forest environment.

Please note that this state forest abuts the Hanging Bog WMA. Camping on Hanging Bog Wildlife Management Area is only allowed at designated campsites and requires a permit, available from one of the Forest Rangers (see telephone numbers below).

Individuals with disabilities can apply for a Motorized Access Permit (MAPPWD) to use a motor vehicle on designated roads. The application is available on the Accessible Recreation page by clicking the MAPPWD link in the right column.


Crab Hollow State Forest lies halfway between the hamlet of Rushford and the Village of Cuba, and is accessible via several town roads: Mount Monroe Road, Crabb Hollow Road and New Hudson Road.

Important Numbers

State Forest Office (M-F 8-4 p.m.): 585-466-3241

Forest Rangers: 585-403-9574 or 585-415-1521

Emergencies: 911