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Niskayuna Business Park Dry Swale

Dry Swale and Niskayuna Business ParkDescription

This dry swale is an example of green infrastructure in an industrial setting. The swale was constructed as an open drainage channel designed to detain and divert stormwater from the building, parking lots and lawn to the northwest. The swales are connected by underground culverts at each end to a stormwater wetland across the road from the site.

Site Location

  • Site Address: 10 Commerce Park Rd. Niskayuna, NY 12309
  • Town: Niskayuna
  • County: Schenectady
  • Land Use of Site: Business Park
  • Can Site be visited?: Yes
  • Location on Site: Enter the site from Hillside Ave, at the eastern entrance, the swale is along the left side of the road in front of a large building.

Practice Information Details

  • Intent of Design: Detain Stormwater and promote infiltration. Reduction of underground conveyance systems.
  • Stormwater Management Capacity: Unknown
  • Year of Installation: 2005
  • Plant Material Used: Grass
  • Annual Operational and Maintenance: Mowing
  • Required Zoning Change or Special Permit: None

Design Construction and Maintenance Information

  • Designed by : Tectonic Engineering
  • Cost of Design: Undisclosed
  • Installed by: Unknown
  • Maintained by: Site Owner

Contact for Additional Site Information:

  • Site Owner
    Hillside Venture, LLC
    1155 Princeton Rd.
    Schenectady, NY 12306
  • Design Firm
    Tectonic Engineering
    Edward Frally