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Walden Bioretention


Bioretention filter in the Village of WaldenThis bioretention filter is an example of green infrastructure in a residential setting. Previously, runoff from the street ran unattenuated into the Wallkill River, creating a gully from the pavement extending into the river edge. This practice eliminated the gully erosion, and provides filtering treatment for the street runoff. So far somewhat unexpectedly, the basin does not fill, it drains through the floor as fast as the runoff enters. The practice does have an underdrain, but flows have not been observed from the underdrain.

Site Location

  • Site Address: Intersection of Pine and Maple Streets Walden, NY 12586
  • Town: Montgomery
  • County: Orange
  • Land Use of Site: Residential Neighborhood
  • Can Site be visited?: Yes
  • Location on Site: Undisclosed

Practice Information Details

  • Intent of Design: Water quality treatment for urban street runoff and erosion control.
  • Stormwater Management Capacity:
    • Drainage area to practice: 1.5 acres.
    • Water Quality Volume for design: 0.06 acre feet.
  • Year of Installation: 2007
  • Plant Material Used: Various Tree, shrub and herbaceous plants.
  • Annual Operational and Maintenance: Periodic maintenance and replacement of the vegetative matrix.
  • Required Zoning Change or Special Permit: None

Design Construction and Maintenance Information

  • Designed by: Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Cost of Design: $5000 to design, $5000 for construction/supervision
  • Installed by: GT Excavating and McCarey's Landscaping
  • Maintained by: Village of Walden

Contact for Additional Site Information:

Kevin Sumner
Orange County Soil and Water
(845) 343-1873