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Pawling Subdivision Clearing and Grading Reduction


Vegetated sloops at a Pawling subdivision in Dutchess CountyThis reduction of clearing and grading is an example of green infrastructure in a residential setting. In reducing clearing and grading, steep sloped surfaces are vegetated and allowed to grow in order to limit the flow velocities of surface runoff, reducing erosion, and encouraging infiltration of stormwater.

Site Location

  • Site Address: W. Deer Trail Pawling, NY 12564
  • Town: Pawling
  • County: Dutchess
  • Land Use of Site: Residential Neighborhood
  • Can Site be visited?: Yes
  • Location on Site: Just off the side of W. Deer Trail

Practice Information Details

  • Intent of Design: Decrease flow velocities, limit erosion, and encourage infiltration of stormwater
  • Stormwater Management Capacity: Unknown
  • Year of Installation: Unknown
  • Plant Material Used: Grasses and Native species on banks
  • Annual Operational and Maintenance: Unknown
  • Required Zoning Change or Special Permit: None

Design Construction and Maintenance Information

  • Designed by: Unknown
  • Cost of Design: Undisclosed
  • Installed by: Unknown
  • Maintained by: Unknown

Contact for Additional Site Information:

Town of Pawling Planning Department