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SUNY Albany Dry Swale

Dry swale at SUNY Albany in Albany CountyDescription

This dry swale is an example of green infrastructure in an institutional setting. The swale was constructed to capture and treat runoff from disturbed areas and pathways. The importance of the treatment of stormwater runoff is magnified by the fact that the ultimate discharge point is the City of Albany sewage treatment plant and ultimately the Hudson River. Due to their recent construction, the vegetation is not fully established (at the time of photo and information gathering). These systems can be effective for both water quality and quantity treatment. They can also replace underground pipes and save on total infrastructure costs.

Site Location

  • Site Address: Campus of the State University of New York at Albany Western Avenue Entrance
  • Town: Albany
  • County: Albany
  • Land Use of Site: State Campus, Athletic Fields
  • Can Site be visited?: Yes
  • Location on Site: Southern portion of loop road near athletic fields. Across from Western Avenue entrance.

Practice Information Details

  • Intent of Design: Treat and detain stormwater runoff utilizing grass swales and sub grade infiltration.
  • Stormwater Management Capacity: Treat area of 56,410 SF for stormwater discharge
  • Year of Installation: 2007
  • Plant Material Used: Grass, Sod
  • Annual Operational and Maintenance: Clean out and removal of debris.
  • Required Zoning Change or Special Permit: None

Design Construction and Maintenance Information

  • Designed by: The Chazen Companies
  • Cost of Design: $625,000 (entire plan design cost, see also permeable paving - decorative pavers; permeable paving - running path)
  • Installed by: HMA Contracting
  • Maintained by: SUNY Albany

Contact for Additional Site Information:

The Chazen Companies
Craig Tripp, RLA
Senior LA
(518) 273-0055