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Acreage Definitions

Mined Land Reclamation Technical Guidance, MLR-92-1

March 3, 1992

To: Regional Supervisors of Natural Resources

From: John C. Harmon, Assistant Director, Division of Mineral Resources

Subject: MLR Technical Guidance, MLR-92-1 - Acreage Definitions
(Supersedes Acreage Definitions in MLR-91-1)

The recently enacted Mined Land Law amendments establish new annual regulatory fees based on acreage at each mine previously affected and unreclaimed plus acreage to be affected during the new permit term. This Technical Guidance Memorandum defines database terms to be used by all regional and central office staff in order to ensure accurate billing and to provide statewide, consistent guidance to applicants. You should continue to use the technical review sheet transmitted in MLR Technical Guidance Memo MLR-91-1 to record approved acreages for your paper and computer files.

Please ensure that mined land paper and computer records comply with these definitions.

Legislative Definition

The 1991 amendments to the Mined Land Reclamation Law establish a new definition of affected land for purposes of assessing fees:

523-2705.2 "Affected lands" and "land affected by mining" means the sum of that surface area of land or land under water which: (i) has been disturbed by mining since April first, nineteen hundred seventy-five and not been reclaimed, and (ii) is to be disturbed by mining during the term of the permit to mine.

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