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Smart Growth Projects

The following projects provide examples of how Smart Growth initiatives have brought communities together to support environmental sustainability, local character, economic activity and community planning.

Ongoing Projects

Elizabethtown, Town of - Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Elizabethtown is developing a Comprehensive Plan with the goal of providing a smart growth expansion plan to include pedestrian linkages, public sewer, and prioritization of projects.

Fine, Town of - Building Community Capacity to Sustain Economic and Community Revitalization Efforts

This capacity-development project supports continued advancement of regional community development priorities for the Towns of Clifton and Fine in the northwestern Adirondack Park, in partnership with St. Lawrence County, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Clifton-Fine Economic Development Corporation.

Town of Fine Smart Growth Report (PDF, 768 KB)

Heading illustration for economic development strategy and key project implementation

Hamilton County - Adirondack Park Economic Development Strategy

With the Adirondack Partnership serving in an advisory role, a team of consultants has worked to synthesize grassroots economic development initiatives from across the Park with an in-depth analysis of current economic conditions to create a unified economic strategy for the Adirondack Park. The strategy will utilize smart growth principles in a parkwide action plan to improve economic conditions. (see Economic Development Strategy link in the right-hand column)

Lewis, Town of - Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Lewis is developing a Comprehensive Plan with the goal of providing a land use and smart growth expansion framework to guide growth. (see Town of Lewis link in the right-hand column)

Completed Projects

Arietta, Town of - Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Arietta reviewed and updated their Comprehensive Plan in order to reflect current conditions and to identify and prepare for future growth and development. (see Town of Arietta link in the right-hand column)

AuSable, Town of - Comprehensive Plan

The Town of AuSable Comprehensive Plan, was completed in May 2009 to help the community evaluate current conditions, identify future conditions desired by the community and establish a range of tools that the community can use to build on its strengths and improve upon its weaknesses.

Town of AuSable Comprehensive Plan (PDF, 1.58 MB)

View of Lake George from Prospect Mountain

Bolton, Town of - Trails Master Plan for the West Side of Lake George

The Town of Bolton partnered with local municipalities throughout the Lake George region to develop detailed master plan of hiking, biking and snowmobiling, including linkage of existing trail systems, community centers and municipal transportation and promotion of new tourism opportunities

(see Town of Bolton link in the right-hand column)

Map of Bolton Landing, showing green space, activity centers and connections

Bolton, Town of - Hamlet Sustainability Plan

The Town of Bolton created detailed plans for the sustainable development of the hamlet of Bolton Landing, on Lake George.

Bolton Landing Hamlet Sustainability Plan - whole document (PDF, 28.2 MB)
This file is very large and may not download easily. Document parts are listed below.

Part 1 - Executive Summary, Introduction and Existing Conditions Analysis (PDF, 241 KB)

Brighton Connections brochure/community guide

Brighton, Town of - Smart Growth Plan

This local planning process gathered input from the community and resulted in a smart growth action plan, environmental assessment and business development brochure.

Brighton Smart Growth Plan - whole document (PDF, 8.97 MB)

Part 1 - Intro and main body (PDF, 1.63 MB)
Part 2 - Appendices (PDF, 3.05 MB)
Part 3 - Appendices, cont. (PDF, 2.24 MB)

Brighton Connections Brochure (PDF, 2.73 MB)

Cover of Town of Chester Community Housing Plan

Chester, Town of - Community Housing Plan

The Town of Chester has examined the state of affordable housing and is recommending techniques and strategies that will enhance the supply and quality of housing for residents of the community. The issue of affordable housing is examined on the town wide level; however, the study focus is on strengthening existing housing and providing strategies to grow housing opportunities in the Hamlet areas of Chestertown, Pottersville, North Creek and Riparius.

Town of Chester Community Housing Plan (PDF, 3.14 MB)

The Adirondack Hamlets (Phase 3) planning guidebook cover

Essex County - Hamlets 3 Guidebook and Training / Implementation Workshops

The Adirondack Hamlets is a parkwide project, supported by Essex County and the Adirondack Community Housing Trust (ACHT), to create opportunities for economic development and physical improvement of the Adirondack region through smart expansion. This can be achieved through the use of mapping, analysis, and interaction with the public community. (see Hamlets 3 link in the right-hand column)

The Essex County Destination Master Plan front cover featuring photos of Lake Placid's Olympic Center, Ticonderoga's Bicentennial Park, a sailboat on Mirror Lake and fall foliage in the mountains.

Essex County - Destination Master Plan

The Essex County Tourism Destination Master Plan has begun the work of engineering future tourism to meet the desires of local communities and the tourism industry.

Essex County Destination Master Plan (PDF, 596 KB)

Horicon, Town of - Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Horicon completed its Comprehensive Plan in order to reflect current conditions, to identify and prepare for future growth as well as to address economic, housing, and infrastructure needs of low to moderate-income residents. (see Town of Horicon link in the right-hand column)

The grand opening of the Indian Lake Theater

Indian Lake, Town of - Indian Lake Theater

The downtown movie house is gone from most small towns across the country. Because of community spirit and volunteer initiative, the Indian Lake Theater is up and running with its executive director planning and organizing community events, arts programming and theater operations.

(see Indian Lake Theater link in the right-hand column)

A group of student craftspeople stand behind their newly created traditional Adirondack packbaskets

Lake Luzerne, Town of - Adirondack Folk School

This relatively new downtown Lake Luzerne school of traditional Adirondack arts, crafts and culture was supported by the Town in developing a long-term strategic plan for sustainable operation as a not-for-profit institution, including development of a comprehensive outreach program to draw instructors and students into the community.

Adirondack Folk School Final Report (PDF, 689 KB)

Lewis County - County-wide Comprehensive Plan

On October 6, 2009, the Lewis County Board of Legislators adopted the County-wide Comprehensive Plan to foster a regional and collaborative approach to addressing challenges. The Plan provides land use analysis, goals, objectives, action items, and a framework of County Character Areas to guide future growth. (see County-wide Comprehensive Plan link in the right-hand column)

Long Lake, Town of - Common Ground Meeting

The Town of Long Lake hosted an annual parkwide meeting by the Common Ground Alliance and supported an update to the Blueprint for the Blue Line document.

The Masten House facility to be used by the proposed Northern Forest Institute

Newcomb, Town of - Northern Forest Institute Market Assessment and Operating Plan

This project included a review of the market context and preparation of an operating plan for the proposed Northern Forest Institute (NFI), a research/educational facility to be developed on the campus of the Adirondack Ecological Center (AEC) at Huntington Wildlife Forest (HWF) in Newcomb, NY.

Northern Forest Institute Market Assessment and Operating Plan Summary Report (PDF, 60 KB)

Granite Town of Newcomb sign in meadow excerpted from Smart Growth Hamlet Plan

Newcomb, Town of - Main Street & Marketing Plan

The Town of Newcomb developed this forward-thinking plan for its main Route 28N thoroughfare to seek ways to attract new residents, investments, and visitors by capitalizing on its existing assets and by developing well defined community spaces and unique user experiences within its Hamlet. The plan includes site-specific land use recommendations, a complete streets plan and a marketing strategy.

Town of Newcomb Main Street and Marketing Plan (PDF, 12.45 MB)
This file is very large and may not download easily. Document parts are listed below.

Part 1 - Intro and main body (PDF, 5 MB)
Part 2 - Attachments (PDF, 5.3 MB)

Press release seeking community participation in the Wireless Clearinghouse project

Saranac, Town of - Wireless Clearinghouse

Under the direction of SUNY Plattsburgh, this research project identified existing structures throughout the Adirondack Park with the potential to accommodate cell phone and wireless communications facilities. The project data was collected from local officials, reviewed by industry and presented in an online mapping application to be consulted by wireless communications providers. The application will help Adirondack wireless developers find environmentally sound sites that are also technically effective.

To view the completed project and use the online mapping application, see Wireless Clearinghouse link in the right-hand column.

The Wireless Clearinghouse Project - Final Report (PDF, 668 KB)

The "User's Guide to the Adirondacks in St. Lawrence County" front cover, featuring the colorful photo, Morning on Bog River Flow (Low’s Lake)

St. Lawrence County - A User's Guide to the Adirondacks in St. Lawrence County

This guide is intended to help residents and visitors to the Adirondack public lands of St. Lawrence County. It provides a description of the permitted uses for all publicly-accessible lands and waters, notes the available food, fuel, lodging and emergency services and lists additional information resources for specific areas. (see User's Guide link in the right-hand column)

Stony Creek, Town of - Hamlet Revitalization Plan

The Town of Stony Creek completed a revitalization study of the hamlet to prepare an action plan to attract new residents, visitors and business.

Town of Stony Creek Hamlet Revitalization Plan
Part 1 - Intro and main body (PDF, 3.78 MB)
Part 2 - Appendix A - Maps and Designs, part 1 (PDF, 1.33 MB)
Part 3 - Appendix A - Maps and Designs, part 2 (PDF, 4.06 MB)
Part 4 - Appendices B - E (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Tupper Lake, Town of - Joint Planning to Implement Tupper Lake Community Development Priorities

The Town and Village of Tupper Lake worked together to complete the advancement of priority projects and development of a visual identity through community design. The project resulted in adoption of Site and Architectural Design Guidelines for the village as well as a Demars Boulevard (NYS Route 3) Design Concepts document and a Waterfront Parks Master Plan. (see Tupper Lake link in the right-hand column)

A mountain biker descends between two large boulders

Wilmington, Town of - Wilmington Mountain Bike Trail System

The Town of Wilmington contracted for a set of web pages and brochure to be integrated into existing tourism websites to highlight local mountain biking opportunities.

(see Wilmington Mountain Biking link in the right-hand column)