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Water Week

New York Celebrates Water Week

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Water Week is May 2-6 in 2016. For over 30 years, New York has set aside the first full week in May to focus on its abundant water resources, highlight water issues and encourage stewardship. This year's theme is: "Lake Management." New York is fortunate to have many lakes of all sizes, and people use them for a variety of purposes, such as drinking water, flood control, and recreation.

Each day during Water Week, the Division of Water will send a "Special Edition" message to its MakingWaves listserve highlighting a different topic related to lake management. To subscribe to MakingWaves, enter your email address in the "DEC Delivers" box on this page.

Join the Celebration!

Photo of a lake and creek.
Help protect, restore and conserve New York's waters for the future!

Help protect, restore and conserve New York's waters for the future! Celebrating Water Week by holding an event or conducting an activity has become a tradition for many people, organizations and schools. Find ideas for water-related activities on the Watershed Stewardship webpage.

Water Week Special Edition Topics

Watch for new information to be added each day, May 2 - 6, about the following topics:

New York has Lakes of All Sizes to Manage

Reservoirs and Created Lakes

Water Quality of Lakes

Clean Water Plans for Lake Management

Stewardship of NY's Lakes

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