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Third Annual State Reclamation Award (1999)

Mined Land Reclamation Award Presented to Porter's Concrete, Inc.

The Division of Mineral Resources awarded the annual Mined Land Reclamation Award for 1999 to Porter's Concrete, Inc. of Waverly, New York, and its owner Ralph Porter.

Mr. Porter has exceeded the standards required by the Mined Land Reclamation Law (MLRL) by approaching mining from the perspective of having a post-mining plan for the land, and then using mining as a tool to accomplish his goals. His goals inherently have increased land values due to his willingness to put exceptional effort into his work. To date, Mr. Porter has fully reclaimed 111 acres out of the 215 acres that have been affected by mining.Photos of the Prter Concrete Reclamation

Mr. Porter resides on reclaimed acreage at the Waverly Mine, as do his daughter and granddaughter. The homes and surrounding landscaped acreage are underlain by settling pond material, and are screened by forested buffers of eight-year old black locust trees and fruit orchards. The Barton Mine has been fully reclaimed to future home sites and temporary agricultural fields, featuring a 32 acre lake with an island and scenic access bridge.

The Waverly Mine supports several dozen, international-prize-winning Simmental cattle, with the attendant 15 acres in carefully managed rotating paddocks. Again, the paddocks overlie specifically amended settling pond material. Mr. Porter also makes a point to plant corn in strategically located pockets in and near the Waverly Mine. This feed crop is not only an annually harvested commodity, but also provides a ten foot tall privacy screen between scattered neighbors and the mine during the busy season. Several acres of alfalfa, overlying scientifically amended settling pond material, feed the cattle during the winter.

Mr. Porter's reclamation projects have set a new standard which is head and shoulders above the models he has followed. His approach to reclamation, using mining/reclamation as a means to an end, has placed the focus of his efforts on his personal goals rather than on the goals of the regulator. Porter's Concrete specializes in producing top quality specialty products such as green's mix for golf courses, specialty sand for tile installation, and highest quality aggregate for asphalt plants which is sold locally at a rate of 400,000 tons a year. Porter's concrete and aggregate are fully certified by New York's and Pennsylvania's Departments of Transportation.

Porter's Concrete, Inc. has also been nominated for the Interstate Mining Compact Commission's (IMCC) annual award program. New York State is an associate member of the IMCC. The Division actively encourages all mining companies to consider the environmental and economic benefits of concurrent mine reclamation.

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