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Lake Champlain Watershed Reports

This page contains reports on the Lake Champlain Watershed that were published by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's Division of Water. This is not a comprehensive list of reports. If you can not find the desired report, please contact the Division of Water.

Phosphorous Reduction Plan - DRAFT

NYSDEC is working with partners to identify and address key phosphorus reduction goals and objectives specific to New York's Lake Champlain Basin watershed. The Department has developed the draft Lake Champlain Phosphorus Reduction Plan (PDF, 964 KB) as a status report for the NY program and a pathway for future development of a comprehensive Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP). The plan recognizes the major efforts that have been undertaken in the last two decades to restore and maintain good water-quality conditions in Lake Champlain and throughout the Basin, and identifies a number of cost effective phosphorous reduction opportunities that can be pursued in the short term, to reduce pollution levels, as the overall WIP is being developed

Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List Report

Biological Assessment Report

Groundwater Study Reports and Data

The links below go to United States Geological Survey (USGS) web pages. The DEC partners with the USGS to conduct research and publish the following reports and data for groundwater resources of the state. An overview of the monitoring project for the entire state, including links to methods, maps, and publications, can be found on USGS's 305(b) Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring webpage.

Other Reports

Lake Champlain Long-term Water Quality and Biological Monitoring Project - A joint NYS, Vermont and Lake Champlain Basin Program project to monitor the biology and water quality of Lake Champlain. Monitoring has been conducted since 1991. (See Links Leaving DEC's Website on this page for more information.)