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Water Well Contractor Certification Exam Requirement

Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) 15-1525 mandates the on-site supervision of water well drilling activities be performed by an exam certified individual. Certification is accomplished by passing a two part National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Certification exam.

To meet New York certification requirements for well drilling, an individual must complete the General Drilling Exam and one additional drilling exam. To be certified for pump installation and servicing, individuals must complete the Water Systems General Exam and one additional pump exam. Contractors who engage in drilling AND pump installation must be certified for both. Registered businesses are responsible for ensuring that all water well drilling activities, including pump installation and servicing, are supervised by an exam certified individual.

An exam study guide is available through NGWA at 1-800-551-7379. Additional information regarding exam dates, classroom review courses and scheduling is available through the Empire State Water Well Drillers Association (ESWWDA) at 1-800-321-2693. Membership is not required in either organization to take the exams. Please direct all program questions to the NYSDEC, Water Well Program office at 1-877-472-2619 (toll-free).