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Allegheny River Watershed Reports

This page contains reports on the Allegheny River Watershed that were published by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's Division of Water. This is not a comprehensive list of reports. If you can not find the desired report, please contact the Division of Water.

Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List Report

Biological Assessment Reports

  • Cassadaga Creek, 2002 (PDF) (3.15 MB)
  • Ischua Creek, 1998 (PDF) (8.38 MB)
    • Background, Results & Conclusions, Discussion, Tables & Figures (PDF) (3.97 MB)
    • Species Lists & Site Summaries (PDF) (3.07 MB)
    • Appendices (PDF) (1.66 MB)
  • Oil Creek, 2002 (PDF) (3.71 MB)
  • Rawson Creek, 2001 (PDF) (2.88 MB)