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Stewart State Forest


Dates of operation: year round, except closed to non hunters during regular big game hunting season
Contact: DEC Region 3 Office (845) 256-3000. Other important phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this page.
Fee: None
Maps: View Stewart State Forest Map || View Same Map in PDF (770 KB) || Google Earth || State Lands Interactive Mapper || Hunting Information and Hunting Map

Stewart State Forest locator map

The 6700-acres of Stewart State Forest are unique in the northeast and increasingly rare in the Hudson Valley. A mix of wetlands, fields and woods, the site includes 18 miles of gravel roads and more than 22 miles of major trails for - hiking, biking, horseback riding, hunting, dog training and trials, skiing, snowmobiling, bird watching and fishing.


Stewart State Forest is in northeast Orange County west of Newburgh and Stewart International Airport. Take New York State Thruway Exit 17 or the Thruway exit from I-84. Follow signs to the Airport and continue west on Routes 207/208 to access the southern border of the property. To access from the north, take Route 17K to Ridge or Barron Roads. Parking for cars and horse trailers is available at the north end of Ridge Road and at Weed Road. Parking is also available along the shoulder of South and North Barron Roads outside the gates, and east of Drury Lane (Rt. 747) along Route 207 (See Map). You can also access Rt. 747 from Exit 5A on I-84.

Roadways on Stewart State Forest are accessible by car for people with disabilities through the Motorized Access Program for People with Disabilities (MAPPWD). A permit must first be obtained from DEC. Special arrangements must be made to obtain combinations for entry at selected gates.


mountain biker enjoying Stewart State Forest


Please see the attached map for trail locations. Please note that unless specifically posted as foot trails, all trails on the property are multiple use trails.


Camping is only allowed by permit in specially designated group camping areas and must be greater than 150 feet from any trail, road or water body.


Snowmobiling is allowed on designated trails.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is allowed on designated trails and multiple use trails.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is allowed on all multiple use trails and roads.

The Trails of Stewart State Forest
Trail Name Description Trail Length (miles)
A. Maple Avenue to Weed Road meadows, old farm woodlands and fields 1.3
B. New Road to Barron Road South farm fields, woods, 2 ponds 2.9
C. New Road to Barron Road North dry woods, cedars, pines, power lines 1.3
D. Orlando to Barron Road wetlands, moist woods, power line 1.3
E. Pittman-Robertson Pond Road one lane farm road, fields, pond, woods 1.0
F. Windsor Woods to Ridge Road old road, woods, seasonal flooding 1.2
G. Windsor Woods to New Road deep woods, hemlocks 2.0
H. Scofield Lane Trail old road to trail, disturbed woods on ridge near swamp 2.0
I. Raincoat Factory/Lindsay Road Loop disturbed lands, woods, fields, ponds 1.4
J. Restoration Pond and Beaver Pond Farm Lane vehicles by permit 0.8
K. Buchanan Hill Trail highest point at 658 feet, fields, forest, views, pond 1.8
L. Armstrong Lane wetland and farm trail wetland, former farms, woods 0.5


Hunters and dog on Stewart State Forest

Stewart State Forest supports good populations of a number of big-game, small-game, and furbearing species including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, eastern cottontail, gray squirrel, woodcock, and waterfowl species. Several gamebird species have traditionally been stocked by the state or local sportsmen's groups at Stewart. Hunting at Stewart State Forest is guided by statewide laws and regulations and special, Stewart State Forest-specific regulations (please see Special Regulations for Stewart State Forest lower on this page). Beginning October 1 and continuing through December 31 or the date when road conditions become unsafe for use, the gate at Weed Road is opened to allow hunters with a valid hunting license to access the property's interior road network with a motor vehicle for the purpose of hunting. Vehicular access is limited to the hours of one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset.

During this period (Oct. 1 to Dec. 31), hunters:

  1. must park in a designated parking area,
  2. must hunt on the same side as they are parked,
  3. may not cross roads while hunting, and
  4. may not enter areas posted as restricted.

During the period when vehicle access is prohibited (January 1 to September 30 and nighttime hours from October 1 to December 31), the area is also open for hunting in season; however, hunters must park in exterior parking lots and access the area on foot or bicycle during those times.

The use of rifles, except .22 caliber rimfire handguns, is prohibited at Stewart State Forest. Stewart is closed to non-hunters during the Regular Big Game Hunting Season (approximately mid-November to the second week of December). Reservations are required to hunt the first two days (Saturday and Sunday) of the Regular Big Game Hunting Season. To make a reservation for these days, hunters must call 845-256-3095, on Tuesday, 11 days before the opening day, beginning at 8:30 AM. Only one reservation per call will be accepted. Hunters are required to claim their reservation at the Stewart State Forest check station by 7:00 AM on the day of the reservation. Unclaimed reservations may be reassigned and vacating a parking area after 8 AM will result in forfeiture of the party's reservation for the remainder of the day. For more information, contact the Bureau of Wildlife or see DEC's trapping and hunting guides for more information, including season dates.


Stewart State Forest, like all State Forests, is open to trapping for various furbearers in season. From October 1 to December 31 (or when unsafe conditions force the closure of the roads), the Weed Road gate is open to allow vehicular access for trappers with a valid trapping license. Trappers are asked to not park in the designated parking spots as these spaces are used by hunters. During the remainder of the trapping seasons (after December 31), trappers must walk in or use a snowmobile. Trappers may use a .22 caliber rimfire handgun to dispatch trapped animals. More information about trapping regulations, including season dates, can obtained by contacting the Bureau of Wildlife or consulting DEC's hunting and trapping guide.

Ponds and Fishing

view of one of the many wetlands on Stewart State Forest

Almost half of the land in Stewart is wetland - swamp, marsh, wet meadow or woods. There are seven larger ponds and many smaller ones. The deepest are 6-acre Whalenburgh Pond, 3-acre Wilkens Pond, 2-acre Rowes Pond, and nearby 12-acre Tenny's Pond. The smaller ponds offer warm water fishing for bass, sunfish, shiner, bullhead and perch, with a larger selection at Tenny's, including eel, carp, crappie and pickerel. New York State fishing regulations apply. Electric or non-motorized vessels only.

Rules and Regulations

Anyone enjoying this property must observe rules which protect visitors and the forest environment.

In addition to the above rules, certain regulations pertain specifically to Stewart State Forest (§190.34 Stewart State Forest).

In addition, vehicular speed limit on DEC roads is 25 mph.


DEC encourages volunteers who wish to give back to the land with trail maintenance, interpretive materials, invasive plant removal, garbage removal and wildlife habitat improvement. Please contact DEC for details at 256-3076.

Important Phone Numbers

NYS DEC Region 3, 21 South Putt Corners Road, New Paltz, NY 12561-1620
Telephone: (845)256-3000

State Forest Management (845) 256-3076
Forest Rangers (845) 256-3026
Hunting (Wildlife)(845) 256-3098
Fishing (845) 256-3161
Law Enforcement (845) 256-3013