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Water Well Contractor Program

Registration - The NYS Water Well Driller Registration Law, as amended by the NYS Legislature in July 1999, requires any business conducting "water well drilling activities" to register annually with NYSDEC before doing business anywhere within the State of New York. (See ECL § 15-1525). Prior to amendment, the law required registration for well drilling activities only within 4 counties of NY (Nassau, Suffolk, Kings and Queens).

well drilling truckCertification Exams - NYS law requires, as of January 1, 2003, on-site supervision of "water well drilling activities" by an exam certified individual.

In 2006 the law was clarified regarding the requirement for pump installers to obtain certification. For more information please see Water Well Contractor Certification Exam Requirement.

Pre-notification - NYS law requires that the Department of Environmental Conservation be notified prior to commencement of drilling a water well within the State of New York.

Completion Report - NYS law requires a well completion report be filed with the Department of Environmental Conservation upon completion of a water well. A copy of this report must also to be provided to the owner of the well.

Enhanced pumping tests must be conducted for wells with yields of 100,000 gallons per day or more. Please review the required procedures before planning the test.

Consumer Protection -New York State Environmental Conservation Law ECL §15-1525 requires the following:

  • All water well contractors must register with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
  • All water well contractors must submit well completion reports to consumers and to DEC.
  • A supervisor must be present on site during well construction or repair, and he/she must be exam-certified through the National Groundwater Association.
  • Water wells must be constructed and drilled in accordance with NYS Department of Health rules and regulations (link in the right column.)
water supply pipe

For more information, please view or download The DEC Consumer Protection Guide for drilling or repairing a well, found in the right margin of this page.

Standards for Water Wells

Requirements for water well standards are determined by the NYS Department of Health. Appendix 5-B, Standards for Water Wells (link in the right column,) contains specifications for location, construction, well yield, pumps, separation standards, abandonment and more.

Water Well Data

Water Well Data from the NYS Geographic Information System (GIS) Clearinghouse may be viewed on a map showing records of water wells in New York State. Please see the link at the right margin of this page under "Links Leaving DEC's Website". Additionally you may view DEC records of water wells in Google Earth (Note: upon clicking this link, look at the top-most position of the webpage for the "Water Wells" dataset).

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