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1997 Response to Public Comment... Executive Summary

This "Decision and Response" document is an extension of the Reconnaissance Phase of the "Jamaica Bay Damages Account" (JBDA) Restoration Process. Public Comment was generated during the Reconnaissance Phase of this Restoration Process. The public comment raised certain issues and questions in need of comment and also additional projects to be considered for prioritization and inclusion in the Reconnaissance Report. The following sections address issues raised and additional projects to be included in the report.

Section 1 : General Response to Public Comment - A variety of issues were raised in the public comment phase. Individuals and organizations presented their project priorities (see Sections 2 and 3 for DEC response), requested that certain additional projects be considered (see Section 4), and asked questions about the fund and how it is being administered. The last set of issues are addressed in this section.

Section 2: List of the criteria used in prioritizing projects - These criteria were discussed in the Reconnaissance Phase report. Given here are the final criteria chosen for prioritizing projects.

Section 3: Priority Ranking of Projects - The projects outlined in the Reconnaissance Report are placed in four priority groups: For Immediate Planning, High Priority, Low Priority, Not Under Consideration.

Section 4: Additional Projects - These projects were submitted too late to be included in the Reconnaissance Report, but were considered for prioritization in this document.

Section 5: Public Comment - Reproduced here are the written comments on the Reconnaissance Report submitted by individuals and organizations.

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