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Frequently Asked Questions for Hudson River Estuary Grants

Application, policy, and registration questions should be emailed to the Grants Team at grantsreform@budget.ny.gov.

Q. Are there instructional guides and videos to help with applying for grants using the New York State Grants Gateway system?

Yes. By clicking on the "Grantees" tab at the top of the Grants Reform website you fill find numerous Quick Links on the left side of the page to help applicants register, prequalify, and apply for grant opportunities. The "Videos" tab at the top of the page links to Grantee Tutorials and Grantee Registration and Prequalification Tutorials.

Q. Is there a funding threshold that requires a Request for Proposal process or can we simply obtain quotes from contractors?

This grant opportunity does not have a requirement for the Request for Proposal process. However, not-for-profit organizations and municipalities must still adhere to any procurement policy procedures required by their by-laws.

Q. My town is considering applying for a Hudson River Estuary Grant. I'm having trouble locating the Sample Municipal Resolution form that we need in order to apply. Can you direct me to the right location or e-mail me the sample?

The Sample Municipal Resolution can be downloaded from the Grants Gateway, Apply for Grant, Forms menu. When you click on the Forms menu, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Pre-Submission Forms. The Sample Resolution is located on this page for you to download. Upon approval by your governing board, up-load the approved resolution to the Pre-Submission Forms page.

Q. We are interested in applying for the Estuary Access Grant for the Lower Wappinger Creek. We have a "time and materials" contract that we put out to bid every year. Are we able to use the cost of the selected "time and materials" contractor as an eligible match and/or reimbursement?

Pursuant to the Estuary Access Request for Applications (RFA), costs eligible for reimbursement and/or match must be incurred within the term dates of a future Master Grant Contract, if awarded. The Department currently anticipates the Master Grant Contract term start date to begin approximately 60 days from the date the Department officially awards grant funding. Grant awards are anticipated to be announced in September 2014.

Due to the competitive nature of this grant opportunity, the Department will not review any potential bid documents proposed by any organization until after grant funding has been officially awarded and a Master Grant Contract has been fully approved by the Department.

Q. a. Can an organization apply to each of the three grant programs separately and potentially be awarded multiple grants under separate programs?

b. Can an organization apply to and receive multiple grants under the same program?

An applicant may submit up to 2 applications per grant opportunity. Each of the three HRE grant opportunity Request for Application includes the following language:

- "The Department reserves the right to choose only one project for funding should an applicant apply for more than one project, or for a single project having multiple applications submissions. All eligible applications will be evaluated, scored, and ranked by the Department."

Q. What are the State Environmental Quality Review Act requirements?

All applicants must fulfill the requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) by including either a Type II statement or Part I of the environmental assessment long form. Information and forms about SEQR are available and downloadable on the DEC's website.

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