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Bare Hill Unit

Bare Hill Unique Area has been combined with Rush Oak Openings Unique Area and 7 other Department properties to create the Northern Finger Lakes UMP. That UMP is incomplete at this time, and we are accepting any comments you may have regarding the management of these properties.

The Bare Hill Unit Management Plan is a plan for the multiple use of about 298 acres of unique area land in Yates County. The Bare Hill Unit Management Plan was prepared by a committee of DEC professionals at the Region 8 DEC office in 2002. Bare Hill Unique Area was purchased in 1989, under the 1986 Bond Act because of its scenic beauty and its historical ties to the Seneca Indian Nation.

The plan offers general information on the unit's history and geology, an inventory of the unit's resources, such as mineral resources, vegetative types and stages, fish, wildlife and habitat and a summary of identified issues, such as access, and vegetative management. It also describes the proposed goals and objectives and policy considerations in managing the unit.

The vision of the plan is to ensure the biological integrity, improvement and protection of the Bare Hill Management Unit. This shall be done within the multiple use concept of management, which strives to serve the needs of the people of New York State by providing a broad based, biologically diverse ecosystem. This plan directs the future management of the property which will include such activities as maintenance and improvement of access to the site, managing natural vegetation, including native grasslands and woodlands, controlling exotic species and preservation of historical and archaeological resources. The acquisition of Bare Hill as a Unique Area was partially based on local legends of the Seneca Nation of Native Americans, and the comments of the Seneca Nation were sought while developing this plan.

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Full Plan

Bare Hill Unit Management Plan (PDF, 2.23 Mb)

Plan Parts

First Part: Preface, Location Map, Table of Contents, Introduction, History, Information on the Unit, and Needs Issues and Policy Constraints (PDF, 1 Mb)

Second Part: Goals and Objectives, and Public Involvement (PDF, 0.6 Mb)

Third Part: Appendices A-G, Glossary and SEQR (PDF, 0.7 Mb)