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Data and Statistics on New York's Mining Resources

The Division of Mineral Resources maintains a data management system on mines regulated under the Mined Land Reclamation Law (MLRL.) The MLRL was enacted in 1975. Mines operated and closed prior to that date were not regulated or tracked by the Division. Roughly 5,400 mines are in that system with approximately 2100 active mines and the rest reclaimed since 1975. To assist the Division in the regulation of the extractive mineral industry a database of the mines was created in the early 1980's and significantly upgraded in 2002. This is primarily a regulatory database and does not track any production volumes. All of this data is created and maintained for the use of the Division and as such is covered by a disclaimer regarding the use of this data.

The Division offers mining data in several formats. Listed below are the types of computerized information offered by the Division of Mineral Resources

  • Searchable on-line Mining Database - This system to allows users to generate dynamic queries and save the output either as an Excel based file or in a comma separated value format.
  • Downloadable Mining Database- This is a complete download of the mines record set from the searchable online database in a zipped, .csv formatted file with html metadata.
  • Mineral Mapper- This application is an interactive mapping application of mining locations and oil and gas wells. This tool allows you to zoom in on different locations and review information about the regulated site.
  • Materials Mined in New York- This site provides information on the various material mined in New York and the locations where they are extracted.
  • Mined Land Reclamation Data Summaries- Information on the extractive mineral industry in New York by DEC Region and counties. Summary information on the scope of activity by acreage and mine type.

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