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Montrose Point State Forest

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Montrose Point State Forest locator map

This 51 acre state forest is managed cooperatively with Westchester County Parks, they have charge of the maintenance on this property. A brick factory was once on this site and the area heavily mined for the raw materials for this industry, leading to the rolling nature of the topography. Walk the trail to the "brick beach" where hundreds of bricks were discarded. Another trail leads to a lovely Hudson River vista.

Wildlife abounds in this small niche of greenery. Cormorants have been seen sunning themselves on trees near the small pond, deer and turkeys wander through, and tree frogs can be heard in the spring and summer months.

State Forest Regulations:

Anyone enjoying this multiple use area must observe these rules which protect both them and the forest environment.

Volunteer Projects

Brick Beach is litterally made of discarded bricks
Brick Beach

DEC appreciates public assistance. Volunteer projects will be considered if consistent with management policy and legal constraints. Volunteer projects are always subject to DEC supervision.

Important Numbers

State Forest Office (M-F 7AM-3PM): 845-831-8780 x309
Forest Ranger Dispatch: 845-256-3013