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Forest Preserve Temporary Revocable Permit Log

The Department of Environmental Conservation manages nearly 3 million acres of Forest Preserve Lands in New York State. Temporary Revocable Permits, typically referred to as TRPs, are issued by the Department to grant permission for the temporary use of these lands to individuals or organizations to carry out projects and activities which are appropriate to such land.

The TRP log below details approved activities currently taking place on Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserve lands. Public comments regarding the approved activities are welcome and may be emailed to Preserve Log or mailed to Forest Preserve Coordinator, NYS DEC, Lands & Forests, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4254. Please reference the TRP number in your correspondence.

Note: Once a public comment is received by the Department, it is a public record and is subject to disclosure.

Forest Preserve
Land Unit(s)
County Town Permittee/Organization Description of Use Start Date of Use End Date of Use
9633 6 Multiple Multiple Multiple National Grid Routine Line Maintenance 4/1/16 3/31/17
9829 5 Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest Essex Minerva National Grid Utility Pole Replacement NYS Route 28N & Northwoods Club Rd 4/4/16 4/3/17
9864 5 Debar Mountain Wild Forest Franklin Franklin Rainbow Lake Water District Access across state land to repair dam 6/1/16 5/31/17
9925 5 Lake George Wild Forest Warren Luzerne Fountain Forestry Access to private land on a Right of Way 4/1/16 4/1/17
9970 5 Saranac Lakes Wild Forest & Sentinel Ranger Wilderness Essex North Elba Essex Co DPW Hazard Tree Removal and Pruning on River Rd 10/1/16 9/30/17
10020 6 Watson's East Triangle Wild Forest & Bear Pond Primitive Corridor Herkimer Webb Bear Pond Club Right of Way Maintenance 6/13/16 6/13/17
10029 5 Raquette Lake Hamilton Long Lake K. Hawks In Kind Boathouse Replacement 7/1/16 6/30/17
10112 5 Saranac Lake Wild Forest Franklin Harrietstown JLM Carpentry Construction of Boathouse 7/1/16 6/30/17
10137 3 Slide Mountain Wilderness Ulster Shandaken Town of Shandaken Replacing Pantherkill bridge on Pantherkill Road 7/7/16 7/7/17
10153 5 Saranac Lake Wild Forest Franklin Harrietstown R. Brockway Private bridge repair on a Right of Way crossing Rioley Pond Bog Outlet 7/11/16 7/11/17
10170 5 Wilcox Lake Wild Forest and Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest Warren, Essex Multiple National Grid Routine Line Maintenance 8/1/16 7/31/17
10171 5 Hammond Pond Wild Forest Essex North Hudson, Schroon National Grid Replace deteriorating poles and anchors (in-kind replacement) 7/15/16 7/14/17
10172 5 Siamese Ponds Wilderness Warren Johnsburg National Grid Replace deteriorating poles (in-kind replacement) 7/15/16 7/14/17
10173 5 Siamese Ponds Wilderness and Wilcox Lake Wild Forest Warren Johnsburg & Thurman National Grid Replace deteriorating poles and guy wires 7/15/16 7/14/17
10361 3 Slide Mountain Wilderness Ulster Shandaken NYSEG/Avangrid Inc. Temporarily relocating one utility pole, one anchor and 240 feet of wire on Pantherkill Road. Associated with TRP #10137. 10/5/16 10/5/17
10527 5 Wilcox Lake Forest Saratoga Corinth Finch Paper LLC Using existing road to remove forest products from private lands 11/28/16 3/31/17
10622 6 Multiple Hamilton, Oneida Multiple National Grid Routine Line Maintenance 4/1/17 3/31/18
10639 5 Hurricane Wilderness Area Essex Keene NYSEG Routine Maintenance 3/15/17 3/14/18
10640 5 Saranac Lake Wild Forest Franklin Harrietstown Franklin County Highway Department Hazard tree removal 31/17 3/1/18
10662 4 Hunter-West Kill Mountain Wilderness, Halcott Mountain Wild Forest Greene Lexington NYSEG Routine Line Maintenance 4/3/17 12/31/17