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DEC registers water well contractors annually. DEC also collects and maintains water well completion report information pursuant to Environmental Conservation Law § 15-1525 and makes use of this information in its mandate to manage and protect the state's water resources. This information is also valuable to numerous other interest groups. This search wizard was developed to inform and assist anyone needing water well services, and also provide basic water well information to meet local needs while respecting privacy concerns.

Registered Water Well Contractors (*Note)

Since January of 2000, NYS Environmental Conservation Law requires that "No person shall engage in the business of water well drilling in the state of New York without first obtaining a certificate of registration from the Department". Registration is required where drilling activity includes "construction and reconstruction of water wells, the establishment or repair of a connection through the well casing and the repair of water wells including repairs which require the opening of the well casing". This means that contractors who perform water well drilling or service activities must register and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

If you are planning to hire a water well contractor, NYS law has established specific requirements to benefit you the consumer. These include:

  • Water well contractors must be registered. Registrations can be withheld if a contractor does not comply with NYS law.
  • Water well drilling activities must be supervised on-site by an exam-certified individual.
  • All drilling activities are subject to the provisions of article 36-A of the General Business Law (GBS 36-A) regarding home improvement contracts.
  • All water well drilling shall be performed in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the NYS Commissioner of Health.
  • A copy of the DEC Well Completion Report shall be provided to the water well owner.

Consumers are urged to include in their written contractual agreement that drillers have current NYSDEC registration and that on-site supervision will be by exam certified individuals. Consumers are also urged to review General Business Law, Article 36-A, Home Improvement Contracts and NYSDOH water well drilling rules and regulations.

Search for a Registered Water Well Contractor

Basic Water Well Information (*Note)

This information is developed from well completion reports submitted to DEC and in most cases is not verified. Coordinate information is verified where possible. Minor changes are made only where confirmation is available through other means. Information is subject to changes at any time. User assumes all risk and liability in using this information.

*Note: In the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Kings and Queens, the well drillers program is administered through the DEC Region 1 office. To request well information or check on the registration status of a contractor in those counties, please contact the Regional office at (631) 444-0405.