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Directory of Primary Wood-Using Industry

This publication lists and describes wood products companies in New York State that produce various wood products from roundwood resources (i.e. sawlogs, pallet or scragg logs, veneer logs, pulpwood, etc.) and/or mill residues. In most cases, these companies are sawmills or companies with a sawmill integrated with a value-added, or secondary wood processing operation. Portable sawmill operations are not included in the directory.

The directory is available to all businesses as well as the general public free of charge.

The purpose of the directory is primarily two-fold. First, it can be used by businesses or individuals in order to find new markets or new suppliers of products and/or services. Hundreds of copies are distributed annually to a wide variety of users. In particular, copies are provided to buyers that visit the New York State booth at several wood supply industry tradeshows. Secondly, the directory serves as the mailing list for annual wood harvest report survey that identifies the rate of industrial roundwood production from the state's forests.

The directory is not an exhaustive list.

To be included in the directory, or to make updates to company information, contact the DEC.

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