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Land and Conservation Easement Acquisitions: Fourth Quarter 2007

October - December 2007

Albany Pine Bush Preserve
trail in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Addition to Albany Pine Bush Preserve
Location: Town of Colonie, Albany County
Size: 16 acres
ID: UA Albany 16.55
Description: The property is undeveloped land, located between Curry Road & Kings Road, that will supplement the effort to preserve and manage rare and endangered ecosystems associated with the pine barrens in Albany County.

Addition to Bashakill Wildlife Management Area
Location: Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County
Size: 70.22 acres
ID: WH Sullivan 120
Description: Besides enhancing the Bashakill, the project will additionally protect and conserve the biodiversity of the Shawangunk Ridge and extend the greenway corridor to expand recreation.

Canadaway Creek Stream Rights
Location: Town of Dunkirk, Chautauqua County
Size: 0.146 equivalent miles of stream rights
ID: PFR Chautauqua 33.03
Description: The property is located just east of Chestnut Street and south of Willow Road.

bald eagle
Bald eagles among many other species can be
found at the Brashakill Wildlife Management Area

Cayuga Inlet Stream Rights
Location: Town of Newfield, Tompkins County
Size: 0.33 equivalent miles of stream rights and a 530' long footpath
ID: PFR Tompkins 20.07
Description: The acquisition includes a 10 foot wide footpath from an existing parking area on Blakeslee Road plus fishing rights lying just northeasterly from NYS Routes 34/96. This acquisition will increase public fishing opportunities and improve access.
Cayuga Lake webpage

Addition to Coventry State Forest (Chenango State Reforestation Area #27)
Location: Town of Coventry, Chenango County
Size: 10± acres
ID: PLC Chenango 133
Description: This parcel is vacant, wooded and gently sloping. The acquisition improves administrative control of a gated town road, reduces boundary line and improves connections between State Forest lands.

Addition to Junius Ponds Unique Area
Location: Town of Junius, Seneca County
Size: 30± acres
ID: UA Seneca 9.11
Description: Vacant land located on the north side of NYS Route 318 that contains unique biological resources in the form of rare plant and animal species. The NY Natural Heritage Program considers this site one of the top three examples of rich graminoid fen in the state.

Addition to Northern Montezuma Wetlands
Location: Town of Montezuma, Cayuga County
Size: 164 acres
ID: FWL Cayuga 37.164 & 37.213
Description: Vacant agricultural land previously used to raise corn and potatoes. Borders the Seneca River & Salt Creek.

Shawangunk Mountains
The Shawangunk Ridge Trail runs along
the spine of the Shawangunk Mountains

Addition to Shawangunk Ridge Trail/Long Path and Huckleberry Ridge State Forest
Location: Town of Greenville and Deerpark, Orange County
Size: 239± acres
ID: TR Orange 34 & PLC Orange 37
Description: Multiple parcels acquired as one transaction through the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, Inc., will enhance access to Huckleberry Ridge State Forest and connect the Shawangunk Ridge Trail to this State Forest.
Lower Hudson Valley - Region 3 places to go link

Addition to Tug Hill State Forest (Jefferson State Reforestation Area #7)
Location: Town of Rodman, Jefferson County
Size: 13.4 acres
ID: EX Jefferson 147
Description: This project involves an exchange with the Development Authority of the North County (D.A.N.C.). In exchange for receiving 13.4 acres, the State gave up 1.31 acres from the Jefferson-Lewis State Reforestation Area #2 and a 50' R.O.W. to be used for underground transmission line and access.