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Land and Conservation Easement Acquisitions: Third Quarter 2007

In accordance with the State Open Space Conservation Plan, the Bureau of Real Property performs all aspects of the land and conservation easement acquisition process, from appraisals and boundary surveys through negotiations and contracts.

The following are highlights of land and conservation easement acquisitions executed by the Division of Lands and Forests Bureau of Real Property on behalf of the people of the State of New York.

Third Quarter (July - September) of 2007

Addition to Adirondack Forest Preserve
Location: Town of Caroga, Fulton County
Size: 96.5 acres
ID: AFP Fulton 205
Description: The property is located on County Highway 137 (Beech Ridge Road) and will provide access to and consolidation of existing Forest Preserve parcels. The land was acquired through the County from a list of properties being sold for unpaid taxes.

karner blue butterfly
Karner Blue Butterfly

Addition to Albany Pine Bush Preserve
Location: Town of Guilderland and Village of Colonie, Albany County
Size: 8.16 acres
ID: UA Albany 16.43
Description: This acquisition will supplement the effort to preserve and manage rare and endangered ecosystems associated with the pine barrens in Albany County.

Addition to Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area
Location: Town of Catharine, Schuyler County
Size: 42 acres
ID: PLB Schuyler 6.46
Description: The property is situated on the west side of the Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) between Van Loon Road and Connecticut Hill Road. The acquisition will buffer the WMA from incompatible development, help protect the viewshed of Cayuta Lake and create the possibility of the abandonment of Connecticut Hill Road which would help control vehicle use on the WMA.

Eighteen Mile Creek Stream Rights
Location: Town of Hamburg, Erie County
Size: 8.52 acres for angler parking and fishing access
ID: PFR Erie 10.07
Description: Provides access from NYS Route 39, approximately 2.3 miles east from the Hamlet of Bliss. The stream is a high quality fishery for steelhead trout from Lake Erie which previously had very limited access.

Ischua Creek Stream Rights
Location: Town of Franklinville, Cattaraugus County
Size: 1.08 acres for public fishing access and parking
ID: PFR Cattaraugus 38.35
Description: Property fronts on Factory Street and is adjacent to a very popular section of Ischua Creek for trout fishing. The property is located at the upstream end of a newly designated special regulation area on the stream.

Addition to Plainfield State Forest
Location: Town of Plainfield, Otsego County
Size: 392.8 acres
ID: PLC Otsego 50
Description: Adjoins Otsego Reforestation Area #8 and will improve access, enhance public recreation opportunities and protect land in the Susquehanna Watershed.

Rayonier/Grasse River property (St Lawrence county)
Rayonier/Grasse River property in St. Lawrence County

Rayonier/Grasse River State Forest
Location: Towns of Clifton, Clare and Colton, St. Lawrence County
Size: 50,329 acres Conservation Easement
ID: AFE St. Lawrence 268
Description: This project involved the purchase of sustainable forestry conservation easement, limited subdivision rights, development rights, certain public recreation rights, public parking areas and public access rights on the owner's fee lands. Hunting rights for the existing camp leases will be retained. Access is available along State Route 3, on the south, along State Route 56, on the east, along State Route 68, on the north and through Tooley Pond and DeGrasse Roads, on the west.

Addition to Salmon River Corridor
Location: Town of Albion, Oswego County
Size: 30.40 acres
ID: GW Oswego 95.38A & B
Description: These parcels abut the Salmon River and surround the Sportsman's Pool South Parking Area and the footpath leading to the river. Although a portion of the property is already subject to State conservation and public fishing rights easements, fee acquisition will provide additional protection and prevent possible landowner conflicts. Learn more about salmon.

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