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Land and Conservation Easement Acquisitions: First Quarter 2008

First Quarter (January - March) of 2008

Bear Slides
Location: Towns of Lake Luzerne & Warrensburg, Warren County Size: 122.3 acres
ID: AFP Warren 190
Description: Vacant land that straddles Lake Luzerne and Warrensburg. The property is surrounded on two sides by State Forest and is located to the east of the Hudson River and River Road. Access is by a right of way from River Road.

Adirondack Forest Preserve

Addition to Cayuga State Reforestation Area #2 (Summer Hill State Forest)
Location: Town of Summerhill, Cayuga County
Size: 20 acres
ID: PLA Cayuga 52
Description: This acquisition enhances administrative access to Summer Hill State Forest plus connects the forest to the Dorothy McIlroy Bird Sanctuary enhancing wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities.

Summer Hill State Forest
Summer Hill State Forest Map

Addition to Franklinton Vlaie Wildlife Management Area

Location: Town of Broome, Schoharie County
Size: 5.2 acres
ID: FWL Schoharie 39.35
Description: These lands are located on the west shore of Franklinton Vlaie and provide road frontage to it from Woods Road. This acquisition also precludes development in close proximity to an active bald eagle nest.

Wildlife Management Areas in DEC Region 4

Addition to the Genesee Valley Greenway
Location: Town of Belfast, Allegany County
Size: 4 acres
ID: PLC Allegany 72
Comments: Vacant land on both sides of Black Creek with frontage on State Route 305.

Genesee Valley Greenway

Addition to Harbor Herons Wildlife Complex
Location: Staten Island, New York City
Size: 26 acres
ID: TWL Richmond 30
Description: These lands are located on the southwestern coastline of Staten Island (Richmond County) and contain both freshwater and tidal wetlands. Approximately 15 acres are lands underwater. The parcel supports over forty bird species and ten herp species plus will provide new recreational opportunities.

Harbor Herons Bird Conservation Area Management Guidance Summary

Addition to Long Path

Location: Town of Conesville, Schoharie County & Town of Windham, Greene County
Size: 65.15 acres
ID: TR Schoharie 63.01
Description: The property is an addition to the Long Path and will increase the size of, and improve access to, adjacent State Reforestation Areas: Schoharie County Reforestation Area #2 and Greene County Reforestation Areas # 2 & 3.

Mansfield Creek Stream Rights
Location: Town of Mansfield, Cattaraugus County
Size: 0.511 equivalent miles of stream rights
ID: PFR Cattaraugus 21.05
Description: provides additional fishing access to Mansfield Creek along the southside of Otto-Maples Road (County Route 13).

Public Fishing Rights on Selected Waters in New York
DEC Region 9 Bureau of Fisheries

Addition to Maumee Swamp Freshwater Wetlands
Location: Town of Warren, Herkimer County
Size: 35.6 acres
ID: FWL Herkimer 155.3
Description: These lands were awarded to the State through a Consent Order for wetland violations in Richfield Springs. The property adjoins existing project WA Herkimer 109 and Weaver Lake.

Middle Ground Flats Island
Location: Town of Athens, Greene County
Size: 212 acres plus 84 acres of lands underwater
ID: SLP Greene 162.09
Description: The parcel consists of a wooded island in the Hudson River. The property's use is limited since access is by boat only and the island is entirely a regulated freshwater wetland plus falls within the 100 year flood zone. New York Natural Heritage Program reports four rare or threatened species of plants exist on the island.
New York Natural Heritage Program

National Lead
Location: Towns of Newcomb & North Elba, Essex County and Town of Harrietstown, Franklin County
Size: 6,813 acres
ID: AFP Essex 384 (Franklin 257)
Description: Fee acquisition to be added to the Adirondack Forest Preserve.

High Peaks Wilderness Area

NYC Watershed Protection Easements
Location: Towns of Andes, Colchester, Roxbury and Tompkins, Delaware County; Towns of Carmel, Kent, Putnam Valley and Southeast, Putnam County; Towns of Denning, Hurley, Olive, Shandaken, Wawarsing and Woodstock, Ulster County.
Size: 5,767 acres
ID: NYC-MOA Delaware 1401, 1402; Putnam 1404, 1405; Ulster 1405, 1406, 1407 & 1408.
Description: These lands were acquired in fee by the City of New York under its Water Supply Watershed Protection Program. In addition, through the 1997 Watershed Memorandum of Agreement with the State of New York, the City further protects the properties by conveying Conservation Easements to the State.

New York City Watershed

North Mount Loretto

Location: Borough of Staten Island, New York City
Size: 75 acres
ID: FWL Richmond 9.2
Description: These lands will enhance the Mt. Loretto Unique Area complex. The area contains mature forest, regulated freshwater wetlands that support over 70 species of birds and 12 species of reptiles & amphibians. The parcel contains some of the few beech-oak stands remaining in the city.

Mt. Loretto Unique Area

Addition to Oneida State Reforestation Area #18 (Jackson Hill State Forest)

Location: Town of Boonville, Oneida County
Size: 245.8 acres
ID: PLC Oneida 162
Description: This acquisition consolidates state lands, enhances public access and protects two tributaries of the Lansing Kill. The property is located on the south side Jackson Hill Road.

Addition to Oswego State Reforestation Area #15

Location: Town of Albion, Oswego County
Size: 5.2 acres
ID: GW Oswego 95.40
Description: This parcel abuts the Salmon River and lies within the project area that is intended to protect the character of the river corridor. Although most of this parcel is subject to a conservation easement & public fishing rights easement, fee acquisition provides additional protection of the river corridor.

Salmon River Corridor
Fishing the Salmon River

South Sandy Creek & Abijah Creek Stream Rights

Location: Town of Lorraine, Jefferson County
Size: 1.205 equivalent miles of stream rights plus a 10 foot wide footpath and 100' x 100' parking area.
ID: PFR Jefferson 149.01
Description: The acquisition increases access to valuable coldwater streams. South Sandy Creek is an important tributary of Lake Ontario. The upper reaches, including Abijah Creek, provide excellent habitat for brown and brook trout and the lower reaches support runs of anadromous fish. These sections of stream are located and accessed just off County Route 189 & Wise Road.

Public Fishing Rights

Stockport Flats Estuarine

Location: Town of Livingston, Columbia County
Size: 319.6 acres
ID: SLP Columbia 42.03
Description: These lands add to the preservation/protection of the Hudson River Estuary/Greenway Trail Corridor. State Route 9G runs through the project plus includes frontage on town roads: Fox Creek Road, White Birch Road and Oak Hill Road. Portions of the property have excellent views of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains. There is also approximately 1,500 feet of frontage along the Amtrak rail line.

Hudson River Estuary Program

Susquehanna River Waterway Access

Location: Town of Barton, Tioga County
Size: 0.93 acres
ID: WA Tioga 43
Description: Vacant land with 105 feet fronting on the Susquehanna River plus adjoins Barton Road. This will provide excellent access to the segment of the river just above the Pennsylvania border. The Susquehanna is an outstanding warmwater fisheries and is also very poplar with canoers and kayakers.

Fishing the Susquehanna River
Boat Launch Sites for Tioga County

Addition to Tompkins State Reforestation Area #2
Location: Town of Dryden, Tompkins County
Size: 60 acres
ID: PLC Tompkins 51
Description: These lands are a wooded inholding in the Hammond Hill State Forest. The acquisition consolidates state land and will improve management.

Hammond Hill State Forest

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