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Camillus Forest Unique Area

The 355-acre Camillus Forest Unique Area, consisting soley of Camillus Unique Area, was established in March of 1997 with the goal of preserving the land for public enjoyment and education of present and future generations of Central New Yorkers. Collectively, the area is an exceptional and diverse open space resource that provides a multitude of passive recreational use opportunities. The "crown jewel" of the property is a 40-acre forest located in its southwest corner. It is a magnificent old sugar maple and American beech forest that is nearly two centuries old and is one of the finest examples of a mature northern hardwood forest in Central New York. This forest is slowly developing characteristics of an old growth forest. A portion of the forest is truly an ecologically significant and irreplaceable area deserving protection under the State Nature and Historical Preserve Trust (article 45) of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law.

There are several structures on this property related to the former Syracuse State School which are all in poor condition. It is neither practical nor economical for the DEC to refurbish these structures. Their disposition is discussed further in this plan.

Final Unit Management Plan:

Camillus Forest Unique Area Unit Management Plan, Plan-Appendix VI (PDF, 2.7 Mb)

Camillus Forest Unique Area Unit Management Plan, Appendix VII-Source List (PDF, 2.8 Mb)