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Lake George Wild Forest - Draft Unit Management Plan

The Lake George Wild Forest consists of approximately 71,133 acres of Forest Preserve lands in the southeastern Adirondacks in the towns of Bolton, Chester, Hague, Horicon, Lake George, Lake Luzerne, Queensbury and Warrensburg in Warren County and the towns of Dresden, Fort Ann, and Putnam in Washington County and is generally bounded on the north by the Warren County line, on the west by the Hudson River, and on the south and east by the Adirondack Park boundary.

For a description of recreational opportunities in the unit, please visit the Lake George Wild Forest recreation page.

Status of the UMP

The Department released a Draft Unit Management Plan (UMP) for the Lake George Wild Forest in 2006, and is currently developing a Revised Draft UMP for public review and comment. If you have questions about the UMP process, please contact us at

Download the Draft UMP

Lake George Wild Forest Draft Unit Management Plan - PDF (5.6 MB)

1993 Amendment - Bicycle Trail Designation

This amendment proposed the designation of bicycle trails in multiple units, including the Black Mountain section of Lake George Wild Forest.

1993 Amendment to the Black Mountain Section UMP - PDF (1.3 MB)

1986 UMP - Black Mountain Section

The 20,550-acre Black Mountain section of the Lake George Wild Forest is effectively cut off from the rest of the unit by Lake George. The area lies east of Lake George, and as such, public use patterns of the area are separate and distinct from other portions of the unit.

In order to address public use of the area, in 1986 the Department completed a UMP for the Black Mountain section prior to the completion of a UMP for the entire unit. The UMP also addressed a State Police communications issue on Black Mountain.

1986 Black Mountain Section UMP - PDF (3.8 MB)